Is This How NATO Plans to Help Oust President Trump?

© REUTERS / Rhona Wise Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump addresses the media following victory in the Florida state primary on March 15, 2016 in West Palm Beach, Florida.
Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump addresses the media following victory in the Florida state primary on March 15, 2016 in West Palm Beach, Florida. - Sputnik International
One of Trump’s old enemies is about to be wheeled out as a poster boy for the globalist old guard.

The real reason for Obama’s last-ditch sanctions is to align the EU-NATO Axis with dissident Republicans against President Trump for a final showdown. And this is how it just might play out.  

President Vladimir Putin (File) - Sputnik International
Russia Will Determine Steps in Restoring Ties With US Depending on Trump - Putin
Russia’s wise move not to expel American diplomats widens President Trump’s room for maneuver in the New Year in response to the outgoing Obama administration’s scorched earth tactics.  

And yet, overall, the 45th President of the United States, once he is inaugurated on Jan 20 will have to fight tooth and nail against what has now become an insidious political insurgency against the will of the American people.

Quite simply, the crux of the problem is not just the arrogance of the liberal elite whose platitudinous rhetoric failed to put Hilary in the Whitehouse: it’s the symbiotic relationship between Washington’s political oligarchy and its foreign conspirators in Brussels.  

In plain terms, American democracy is now threatened by hold-out governments in London, Paris, and Berlin just as much as it is by domestic intelligence assessments that are every bit as tainted as those that plunged America into a bloodbath in the Middle East in 2003.

Seven Days in May: This classic political thriller shows how a peace agreement with Russia by a democratically elected US government led to a coup attempt by pro-NATO generals. The film was made in 1964 and serves as a prophetic warning for all American patriots.  

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg speaks during a media conference at NATO headquarters in Brussels on Tuesday, Oct. 6, 2015 - Sputnik International
NATO and the EU in 2016: The Diplomatic Transatlantic Tango
The election for the post of NATO Secretary General in 2018-19 is likely to see David Cameron pitted against President Trump’s nominee. As Britain’s Tory beleaguered government scurries to cozy up to Trump with the UK’s ambassador to the United States claiming a new era of improved Anglo-American relations are at hand, few can forget how Cameron himself branded Trump ‘stupid’ and ‘wrong’ on the failure of multiculturalism in Britain.  

Indeed, in response to incredibly shortsighted UK parliamentary attacks that originated in Cameron’s own party where Trump was labeled a ‘hate preacher,’ Trump revealed that should he ever be elected- ‘he might not have a very good relationship with Cameron.’  

Actually, that’s not surprising given that Cameron, a smarmy defender of mass migration, had vowed to unite Britain’s people in neoliberal opposition to Trump saying categorically just 6 months ago: ‘If he (Trump) came to this country, I think I’d unite all against him.’  

And now the breaking news is that, of all people, David Cameron is tipped to be the next NATO Secretary General when the current incumbent, hard-line eurosocialist Jens Stoltenberg, completes his term deep into the Trump presidency.  

That Cameron and Trump have a mutual dislike is a given: Trump’s new money and overall brashness versus Cameron’s Etonian elitism might have meant little had not Trump’s candor in effectively suggesting London was a multicultural slum, coalesced with Trump’s tacit support for both BREXIT and better relations with the Russian Federation- the very policy issues that Cameron despised.  

With the cowardly Merkel on the way out, Theresa May a puny non-entity, and Americans lukewarm towards the all too arrogant French, who better to point out President Trump’s failings in 2018 than not just some screaming Estonian diplomat- but the man dubbed ‘Dodgy Dave’ himself?  

Dodgy Dave, whose Russophobic scare tactics were duly imitated by the Clinton campaign with equally disastrous results, as NATO Secretary General- will be the lynchpin of globalist resistance to American democracy.  

UK PM David Cameron - Sputnik International
Cameron and UK Diminished as NATO Ponders Brexit Fallout
Should Cameron be elected NATO Secretary General, the man who was booted out of office by Brexiteers will be rebranded as the new Churchill- the voice of reason, tolerance, global stability, and by a twist of supreme irony- the defender of western democracy. Cameron will lend lordly credibility to any claim whatsoever, no matter how outlandish, or vindictive, that Russia is capitalizing upon Trump’s supposed mix of conniving subservience to the Kremlin and naiveté to its true Eurasian goals.  

Trump, a mere P.T. Barnum braggart, an ex-reality star with a crude racist streak, will be vilified by everyone from the Clintonites to eurosocialists cowering in their bunkers as the liberal media parades Cameron- a real statesman and a true friend of America, not to mention NATO Secretary General- at every opportunity. It’s then just a short step to molding Trump into the anti-Cameron, the bungling amateur who is selling America short at every turn, who if he didn’t actually collude with the hacking that got him elected in the first place- is too stupid to defend America and its allies.  

Trump, recast as Neville Chamberlin, the lowest of the low in the Atlantacist world-view, can then be safely shunted aside. Americans will be presented with a choice: A soft putsch via impeachment, or a hard putsch via direct removal. And all the while, Dodgy Dave and his assorted entourage of conspirators in the GOP, the Democrats, the EU, and NATO will present the voice of sweet reasonableness.  

For all of this to run smoothly, considerable groundwork has to be put laboriously in place even before the Presidential inauguration in January: that is the obvious purpose of Obama’s parting raft of sanctions.  

Donald Trump attends a campaign rally at Klein Memorial Auditorium in Bridgeport, Connecticut on April 23, 2016 - Sputnik International
Trump Faces Many Obstacles to Enhancing US-Russian Relations
It means that should President Trump try, as he surely must, to actively promote counter-terrorism cooperation with the FSB [Russia's Federal Security Service], he walks into Obama’s utterly unscrupulous trap. It’s equally so if he tries to invite back Russia’s diplomats- given that with real insight, Russia refused to adopt the standard tit-for-tat response in expelling US Foreign Service staff.  And yet, wholesale removal of the Obama sanctions are only one aspect of the bigger picture: In themselves, their repudiation will never provide the kind of justification needed to dismantle

American democracy on the basis of a contrived threat to national security.  

The key is in Europe where both Trump and his euroskeptic allies can be taken down with a single strategy.

Thusly, little Montenegro must be portrayed along with the Baltics and Ukraine as under imminent Russian threat. Serbia must be condemned as slipping out of NATO’s democratic embrace. Elections likely to deliver euroskeptic majorities in France and Germany must be delegitimized as the work not of millions of ordinary citizens who feel trapped by the EU- but of some mythical hackers with names that sound as if they came from a children’s fairy story. Everywhere, freedom and tolerance must be heralded to be in the most dire peril- and only hope over hate can ever overcome.  

Is it any accident that in the dying days of the Obama presidency, NATO once more turned its attentions to Ukraine?    

The NATO symbol and flags of the NATO nations outside NATO headquarters in Brussels on Sunday, March 2, 2014 - Sputnik International
Obama Says Confident US to Remain Committed to Defense of NATO Allies
Notably, in the UK, where Dodgy Dave will revel in the role of the anti-Farage, the Brexit hardcore will be eroded by claims that Russian nuclear Akula subs have flooded British waters even as alternative news sources like RT are closed by OFCOM- all of course in the name of free speech. It’s at this point that Dodgy Dave, wearing his NATO hat, will receive a fanfare on FOX News as Trump’s support withers with every nerve-tingling live broadcast from battlefield Europe and the GOP revolt gathers pace.    

Childish though this contrived narrative may be, the chances are that its relentless drumbeat, the Orwellian convergence of moral blackmail and utmost fear, will batter the western world into submission.  As we enter 2017, citizens in Europe and the United States, faced with a liberal media that is hyping Russophobia to the point where our very institutions are threatened, must be weary of would-be saviors offering easy solutions. As Benjamin Franklin said: “Those who surrender freedom for security will not have, nor do they deserve, either one.”

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