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Anti-Trump Protesters Smash Windows, Vandalize Cars On Streets of Washington

Anti-Trump protesters calling themselves "Black Bloc" shattered windows of cafes, stores, and vandalized cars on the streets of Washington DC as the inauguration of Donald Trump is about to kick off.

The groups targeted the Bank of America and a Starbucks coffee shop, according to Sputnik's correspondent Cassandra Fairbanks. 

Police have used pep​per spray to disperse the protesters and unblock the street where the rioters were located.

​Earlier on Friday the scene in Washington was relatively calm and subdued but things have taken a turn for the worse as protesters have began smashing car windows. 

​"I can't hear out of my left ear at all," Fairbanks reports. "Lots of flash bangs and pepper spray already."

Crowds were chanting, "1, 2, 3, f*ck the bourgeoisie" and "f*ck Trump's army." Police units deployed tear gas, sending the so-called "Black Bloc-ers" sprinting away. Another sign read, "Make Racists Afraid Again." Washington is no stranger to massive crowds and Trump's inauguration attracted hundreds of thousands of people. 

The protesters are in Downtown Washington DC, just blocks from 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

​Suspects have been arrested at the intersection of 12th and L Streets NW, Fairbanks reported. One of the individuals placed in handcuffs is RT America reporter Alexander Rubinstein, according to the news outlet. The detainment took place at McPhearson Square. Journalist Tim Pool has been arrested, Sputnik has learned. 

Police have protesters under control, according to eye witnesses. Approximately 50 individuals were arrested by security services.

Groups gathered around the police kettle to repeat the chorus, "let them go," Fairbanks added. 

​Scores of Trump supporters have arrived in Washington in recent days for a "great show," in the words of the new president, but so did Trump’s protesters who intended to disrupt the festivities. 

​Signs ranged from "Let Freedom Ring," to "Free Palestine," demonstrated a diverse spectrum of activists opposed to Trump’s rise. 

On Thursday night, anti-Trump protesters clashed with police and were pepper-sprayed outside the National Press Club, where supporters of the 45th president celebrated his victory at the "Deploraball." 

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