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Vietnam Doesn’t Need High Tech Goods When They Have Duct Tape, Plastic and Bikes

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Contrary to popular belief, Vietnam is no longer a war-torn and underdeveloped nation. Nowadays, with a population of over 90 million people, a literacy rate of 94% and an Internet availability for over 37 million people, this small Southeast Asian country is quickly on its way to becoming one of the most significant countries in the region.

However, sometimes it still continues to confirm the old stereotypes. While waiting for the Fourth Industrial Revolution to arrive, Vietnamese have been forced to be creative.

Horse-drawn carriages traveling peacefully through security checkpoints on a Vietnamese street shows how traditions take time to die out.

If a horse isn't around, a buffalo suits as well.

There’s no need for air conditioners either, just tie enormous bags with ice which are eco-friendly and don't make any annoying sound.

In Vietnam anything can be transported by bike, even hundreds of dozens of fragile eggs.

Friends can be better than a seat belt sometimes.

Or four-legged friends.

A bicycle can come to the rescue when a more high tech scooter breaks down.

Enormous plastic bags also allow for anything to be carried by hand, like bread, if there are no bicycles.

What can move on wheels in Vietnam? A roof.

Even if normal vehicles are spotted in Vietnam, they act weird – like this bus driving on two and a half wheels.

Duct tape repairs anything, even planes.

There are traffic lights, but they are not well regarded in Vietnam.

Boats are also unnecessary for fishing.

Vietnam is a hot country where sleeping in the fresh air is healthy, so locals try to take the advantage where ever they can, even if they are on the road.

Haircuts can happen anywhere.

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