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Trump's Immigration Order Puts Main US Ally in Mideast 'in Awkward Position'

© AP Photo / Hasan JamaliA Saudi man passes the al-Faisaliya tower in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
A Saudi man passes the al-Faisaliya tower in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia - Sputnik International
The immigration order by US President Donald Trump may put one of the country's closest allies in the Middle East, Saudi Arabia, in an awkward position. Sputnik Persian spoke with political analyst and head of Iranian newspaper Al-Vafagh, Mosib Na'imi about this law and its effect.

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“Saudi Arabia over the past twenty years through bribery has created a very favorable international position for itself. A striking example of that was the report of Ban Ki-moon last year,” Naimi said.

“The then UN Secretary-General excluded Saudi Arabia from a list of countries that are child rights violators, stressing that the country offers huge financial support to the missions of the international organization,” the expert told Sputnik Persian.

He further said that in recent years, “the US was the main ally of Saudi Arabia in the sponsorship of terrorists in Syria and Iraq. Moreover, Riyadh itself indirectly admitted that support of such groups as Daesh was suggested to them in the interests of the United States. The Saudis put pressure on those countries that opposed the policies of their ally — the US,” Naimi said.

According to the expert the country [Saudi Arabia] is now mired in crisis and it is increasing every day.

The main reason is the military action against the people of Yemen. “Here, even the United States cannot help the Kingdom because after two years of military operations against the Yemeni people, Saudi Arabia in the eyes of the world’s public, has lost its credibility and respect,” Naimi said.

According to the expert the Saudi economy is experiencing some serious difficulties; the budget deficit has reached 25-28%. The country's financial reserves are depleted and there is a growing threat of internal unrest.

Talking about US relations with Saudi Arabia after the new administration came to power in Washington, the analyst said that Trump himself drew attention to the fact that Saudi Arabia should compensate all US expenses spent in due time for the benefit of the Kingdom.

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“Therefore, at the moment, I believe that the Saudis role in decisions made by the Americans is equal to zero. The established current situation is political propaganda,” Naimi said.

However, Saudi Arabia cannot escape the difficulties in relations with the United States. Even the pro-Saudi lobby cannot put an end to this.

“The day Saudi Arabia becomes weak and loses credibility riots will sweep the country and then neither the US nor any other power will be of any help to it,” the expert said.

“Therefore, the path is clear for Saudi Arabia and the immigration order put forward by Trump will put Saudi Arabia in an awkward position,” Naimi said.

Some Western media agree with the views of the analyst expressed in this article.

According to the Wall Street Journal, Saudi Arabia is positioning itself as the regional leader; hence, Trump's recent decree to restrict entry of citizens from a number of Muslim countries could break plans for the continuation of positive relations with the US.

Trump signed an executive order on Friday blocking all refugees from coming to the United States for 120 days and suspending entry for nationals of Iran, Iraq, Syria, Yemen, Sudan, Libya and Somalia for 90 days.

The order, aiming to boost the country's security, has sparked controversy around the world and led to multiple protests in the United States.

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