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Putting Your Best Face Forward: Professionals Opt for Botox to Express Less

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According to a UK cosmetic doctor, high-powered professionals are opting for Botox injections in order to make their faces appear emotionless at work.

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Dr. Tijion Esho, a London-based cosmetic doctor and expert in aesthetic medicine, has said that professionals in highly pressured and powerful roles in the UK are seeking non-surgical treatment to ensure they maintain a calm and slick look in their working lives. 

Dr. Esho says the professionals likely to opt for this look tend to be lawyers, bankers and psychiatrists. 

The Botox they use, also dubbed Protox, is common among people who have a "hyper-expressive face" and what to still appear at ease, according to Dr. Esho.

​"Over time I've noticed a new wave of patients who are pursuing Botox to give them reduced or minimal expression. I've seen a particular trend in professions such as law and banking, where patients in these careers feel that they will be taken more seriously," Dr. Esho said in a recent interview.

In one case, a New York-based plastic surgeon reportedly described how her friend, who is a psychiatrist, got Botox as she struggled to appear non-judgmental while her clients spoke, a key requirement of the profession.

​"My friend, who is a psychiatrist, said she spends so much time while patients are talking to her trying to not contract [her facial] muscles, so as to not appear judgmental, that she barely hears what they're saying," Dr. Dara Liotta said in a recent interview.

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Another reason why people are resorting to non-surgical treatments is in a bid to appear more strong. Female professionals who opt for Botox have said, according to experts, that they want to have a more masculine look to counter the stereotype that all women are emotional. 

There are however health reasons behind using Botox, many people opt for this type of treatment in order to stop sweating. Again, this physical sign could indicate nervousness, a trait that most professionals would prefer not to have. 

"I have some people come in who are in the public eye and have the sweaty brow or sweaty forehead and they want it just for that reason," dermatologist Dr. Roy G. Geronemus said in a recent interview. 

"They're embarrassed because it shows that they're nervous," Dr. Geronemus added.

Although the number of plastic surgery procedures in the UK dropped by 40 percent following the Brexit referendum, non-surgical interventions such as facial injections have become increasingly popular. 

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