'Learning to Ride a Bike in 3D': UK Inventor Debuts Real Iron Man Superhero Suit

© Photo : Facebook/takeongravityRichard Browning
Richard Browning - Sputnik International
British inventor Richard Browning told Radio Sputnik about his invention, a turbo-powered suit that enables the person wearing it to experience a ten-minute flight.

Brit Richard Browning has transformed himself into a real-life Iron Man with the invention of a powerful suit of armor which is reminiscent of the one created by comic character Tony Stark.

Browning told Radio Sputnik the project intends to show how the human body is capable of moving in co-ordination with technology.

"The starting point for the journey was to believe that the human mind and body are really quite useful, elegant tools here and we want to employ those as part of the solution," Browning said.

"It's remarkable how quickly your brain learns that balance and control. It's very much like learning to ride a bike, after a while you don't think about it, although I admit it's like learning to ride a bike in three dimensions."

The outfit is called Daedalus after the legendary Greek inventor. It has a control panel on the front and is powered by six gas-powered micro jet engines. At the moment, it is capable of flying for about ten minutes, but the developers have plans to further develop the technology.

"This is an early stage of the technology. I can imagine this being refined quite rapidly from here, we've got a lot of plans including the use of an exoskeleton system which will then take some of the load and open this up to more people to have a go at flying."

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