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No Markup: Man Builds iPhone 6 Using Chinese Parts for Just $300

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The author of the YouTube channel Strange Parts, Scotty Allen, has released a video where of himself assembling his own like-new 16 gigabyte iPhone 6 from scratch using a hodgepodge of parts bought at an electronics market in Shenzhen, China.

People look over the new Apple iPhone 6s models during a product display. - Sputnik International
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Allen, who used to be an engineer in Silicon Valley, spent a few weeks and over $1,000 to get the job done using a touchscreen, a shell, a battery and a motherboard.

He later admitted that most of that sum he “didn’t end up needing” as some of the parts proved to be either extra or unnecessary, and that the ones actually used had set him back a mere $300.

“I spent well over $1,000, but a lot of that was parts and tools I didn’t end up needing. I’d say it’s probably around $300 worth of parts in the actual phone,” Scotty said.

As a result, Allen was able to build his own iPhone 6s for less than half the price of a new one.

According to expert estimates, the iPhone 6s, unveiled in 2015, costs Apple $234 in parts, of which various sensors, a processor and semiconductors account for $127, the touchscreen, camera and battery cost another $73 and the back casing and other elements cost $34, providing a sizeable margin with the iPhone 6s’ starting price of $549. 

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