'Bullsh*t': Ex-Clinton Aide Furious After Getting Thrown ‘Under the Bus’

© AP Photo / Jason DeCrow / Chelsea Clinton, left, and her mother, former Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton
Chelsea Clinton, left, and her mother, former Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton - Sputnik International
"DNC data folks: today’s accusations are f**king bullsh*t," the Democratic Party’s former chief statistician remarked following Hillary Clinton’s charges that the data she was provided by the party was either "nonexistent" or "wrong."

First Democrats blamed nefarious Russian spies and hacking. On Wednesday, a new thread was added to the narrative: Clinton blamed the Democrats’ data operations for her loss, despite receiving one of most sophisticated voter tracking databases in the history of politics, according to political strategists.

​Speaking at the 2017 Code Conference on Wednesday, the former candidate described the party’s data tactics as “poor,” "nonexistent" and "wrong." How "nonexistent" data could also be "wrong" is a bit confusing. Either way, what she said was false, campaign staffers argued. 

​"Private mode be damned, this is too important," former Director of Data Science Andrew Therriault began in a tweet responding to Clinton’s slur. “I’m not willing to let my people be thrown under the bus without a fight.” 

The “irony of her bashing our data: *our* models never had” Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania “looking even close to safe … her team thought they knew better,” he said.

​Therriault later deleted the tweets, including one in which he said it would have been difficult to raise as much cash as Clinton did without using the DNC as a “laundering vehicle.”

Clinton sought to mirror the practices of former US President Barack Obama’s two successful campaigns, which relied on precise targeting and outreach in swing states like Ohio, “like Obama 3.0, you know.”

​In her comments Wednesday, Clinton described the travails she endured as a candidate. “I set up my campaign and we have our own data operation … I inherit nothing from the Democratic Party. “

When asked what she meant by nothing, she elaborated, “it was bankrupt … its data was mediocre to poor, nonexistent, wrong. I had to inject money into it.”

At one juncture Clinton said, “I take responsibility for every decision I made, but that’s not why I lost.”

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