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Japan Invents Melt-No-More Ice Cream That Lasts for 3 Hours at Room Temperature

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It's a summertime miracle! Researchers from Kanazawa University in Japan claim to have discovered a way to stop ice cream from melting.

Scientists have come up with a solution to stop ice cream from melting, which means you can enjoy the delicious treat for that much longer.

The moment ice cream has been scooped out of the container, it is near impossible to stop it from dripping away.

Well, all this suffering maybe over as researchers at Kanazawa University in Japan believe that the shape can still be maintained by simply increasing its melting point.

Scientists at Biotherapy Development Research Center stumbled upon this unique idea when they reportedly asked a pastry chef to create a dessert using polyphenol liquid, extracted from strawberries, in an effort to help out strawberry farmers whose crops were suffering after the devastating 2011 earthquake and tsunami in Japan.

They soon discovered that the dairy cream solidified instantly when strawberry polyphenol was added.

It was then that they uncovered the benefit of this secret ingredient and a summertime miracle was born.

It's been reported that the ice cream can last up to three hours at room temperature with hardly any melting. It was even tested with a hairdryer blowing hot on it for five minutes and it still retained its shape.

Professor Tomihisa Ota, one of the lead researchers on the project, discovered the unique qualities of polyphenol liquid.

"Polyphenol liquid has properties to make it difficult for water and oil to separate so that a popsicle containing it will be able to retain the original shape of the cream for a longer time than usual and be hard to melt," Professor Tomihisa Ota said.

"An ice cream containing this liquid will be able to retain the original shape for longer than usual and be hard to melt," he added.

The weather-resistant ice cream comes in different flavors, including chocolate, vanilla and strawberry. 

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