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A Single Box of One-Yuan Coins Warms China

© AP Photo / EyePress, FILECoins and banknotes of the Chinese yuan are set up together with a U.S. dollar
Coins and banknotes of the Chinese yuan are set up together with a U.S. dollar - Sputnik International
A free-coin campaign initiated by a Guangzhou-based technology company has become an overnight hit and warmed the hearts of many Chinese in cities around China.

Coin boxes popped up near the subway entrances of some ten cities, including Guangzhou and Chengdu.

Each box has 500 coins and a paperboard that reads: "If you need some change, please take. (No more than five coins)," Chengdu Commercial and Hefei Evening newspapers reported on Aug. 1.

© Global TimesOne-yuan coins
One-yuan coins - Sputnik International
One-yuan coins

A hidden camera near a Guangzhou subway entrance recorded the response of passersby. The results were surprising, as no one acted immorally or selfishly in this street test, according to a report by Yangcheng Evening News on Jul. 30.

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This eye-catching act of kindness was planned by Zhangshang Hudong Technology Co. Ltd., a mobile interaction company in Guangzhou, and by its branches in other cities.

The coin box started as a convenience for the company’s employees. Then they tried placing coin boxes near the subway stations in other cities, Cao Yi, an employee of the company and also a planner of the activity, told Yangcheng Evening News in an interview, adding that the response has been really touching.

This article first appeared in the Global Times.

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