Russian Space Telescope Helps Discover New 'Jupiter Twin' Exoplanet

© Flickr / NASA BlueshiftExoplanet is Extremely Hot and Incredibly Close (Artist's Concept)
Exoplanet is Extremely Hot and Incredibly Close (Artist's Concept) - Sputnik International
An international team of astronomers discovered an exoplanet the size of Jupiter using the Russian-Turkish telescope RTT150, built in the Turkish observatory Tubitak, an article published in the electronic library said.

The newly discovered exoplanet moves around a giant star known as HD 208897, located in the Pegasus constellation. The planet belongs to the group of so-called "Jupiter twins."

The exoplanet is located about the same distance from HD 208897 as Earth is from the sun, but it is dominated by much higher temperatures as the star HD 208897 has almost exhausted its reserves and has started to "swell." Now, the star is about five times larger and 12 times brighter than our sun.

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Newly-Discovered Exoplanet Offers Best Chance of Finding Alien Life
Researchers noted that the discovery of satellites around "aging stars," proves that PTT150 and other telescopes can find small planets moving around large stars if they are observed for a long time.

Over the past 10 years, astronomers have discovered thousands of planets outside the solar system, some of which have turned out to be similar in size to Earth, while others resemble Jupiter.

Now, astronomers are actively working to study their atmosphere to assess whether life could potentially exist on their surface.

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