Canadian Mom Sues Hospital After Losing Four Limbs Following Childbirth

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A new Canadian mom recently sued IWK Health Centre in Halifax, Nova Scotia for negligence after requiring quadruple amputation because of necrotizing fasciitis, a flesh-eating disease.

When 33-year-old Lindsey Hubley returned to the hospital complaining of sharp abdominal pain a few days after giving birth in March, doctors told her she was suffering from constipation without even examining her, the New York Post reported. 

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Still in pain, Hubley returned to the hospital the next day and immediately went into surgery due to septic shock and multi-system organ failure.

Seven months later, Hubley is still in the hospital and has had all four limbs amputated as well as a hysterectomy.

According to Hubley's attorney, "Our allegations are that had she been properly assessed when she presented at the hospital… a substantial part of the damage, if not all of it, could have been prevented."

Hubley experienced a vaginal tear while giving birth and part of the placenta was not removed. Both of these factors could have caused the infection, her attorney claims.

According to the Centers for Disease Control, necrotizing fasciitis is caused when bacteria enters through a break in the skin and can be be deadly if not immediately treated.

"No mom should ever have to watch their fiance and their son walk out the door [of their hospital room] every night for over 200 days," Hubley's partner, Mike Sampson said.

"Our lives have been turned upside down."

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