Highway Quickie? Argentine Couple Filmed Having Sex While Driving 70 MPH (VIDEO)

© Screenshot/Jagti KhabarCouple in Argentina caught having sex while driving on highway
Couple in Argentina caught having sex while driving on highway - Sputnik International
Ditching the comforts of a bed or even a stationary shelter for that matter, a couple in Argentina decided to shake things up recently by having sex in a car ... while also driving said car at 70mph.

Filmed by a fellow commuter on the National Route 9 Highway in the country's Jujuy province, the video shows a woman thrusting on her partner as he (somehow) manages to peer over the steering wheel.

Though the driver is at first unaware of his audience, he ultimately gives them the one finger salute before speeding out of the camera frame as their hazard lights continue to blink.

To no surprise, people were not thrilled about the adventurous couple's attempt at spicing things up. In fact, once the footage was shared with local outlets, critics began to trickle out of the woodwork.

"People with no brains," is how May Villalba, a local of Jujuy, described them to the outlet Notinor Jujuy. "Maybe these idiots don't give a damn about their own lives, but there are people on this road who do and make sure they do everything right from the moment they put their seatbelts on."

But for Vanina Nancy, she just hopes that the family of the couple recognizes them.

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"It would be your problem if you crashed, but why put the lives of innocent people in danger," the enraged woman told the publication.

The highway the two were traversing is no stranger to traffic accidents, though. According to the Daily Mail, this particular route is considered one of the most dangerous roads due to hazards such as wild animals and dust storms.

Guess we can add frisky couples to that list of perils now, too.

Argentina also holds one of the highest traffic death rates in the world, per the International Transport Forum, which shows more than 5,000 deaths per year.

But fear not Argentine couple, you're not alone in your endeavours. Back in November, a couple in Washington State also wound up in the same position, however, they also ended up driving off the road.

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