Believe It or Not: US Former Fighter Pilot Shares His Real "X-Files" Dossier

Just imagine spotting a 40-foot-long oval object with no wings or plume, which looks more like a flying “tic-tac”? What would you think of it given you are a perfectly informed fighter pilot on a mission? A scene from “The Arrival”? Perhaps not.

Cdr. David Fravor of Windham, New Hampshire, told the Herald yesterday of his mysterious encounter back in 2004. Over a decade has passed since he, a former Navy fighter pilot, accidentally caught sight of a suspected UFO, which he strongly doubted had been developed by us Earthlings.

On the clear day of November 14, 2004, Fravor’s squadron was diverted from their training mission to examine a bizarre craft, which a US navy cruiser had previously reported to be 80,000 feet above Earth and then abruptly dropping to 20,000 feet. Fravor cut his F-18 across to come closer to the object, which he claimed outright was not an airplane.

Hardly had he approached the "tic-tac," when it advanced forward at a phenomenal speed, leaving the squadron at a loss of words.

Earth view from space - Sputnik International
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"Then all of a sudden, it just accelerates and — poof! — it’s gone," Fravor recalled, adding that the otherworldly ship even froze their radar, incapable of recording such startling speeds. "It accelerated beyond any airplane we have. I’ve seen just about everything and there’s nothing I know of that we were making at that time that has that kind of performance."

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Fravor said that five years later he was presumably contacted by an intelligence officer, but declined to name the person or the government department he represented.

The investigation, which had barely started back then, was apparently brought to a standstill after the government cut the financing of the UFO program citing "there were other, higher priority issues that merited funding," according to a report by The New York Times

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