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Bulls*it! Swedish Internet Almost Gets Drowned in Muck

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A Swedish bull named Internet had a fight and fell into a three-meter deep dump well. However, all is well that ends well, and the creature had a narrow escape.

At 1,200 kilograms, Internet the bull from Utdala Farm is not to be pushed around. However, a fight with fellow farm animals led to an uncomfortable slip into a nearby cesspool.

"They ripped through the gate and ran loose. Two then sprinted to the edge of the cesspool, where one pushed the other one down," Internet's owner, farmer Magnus Jonsson told the Expressen daily.

After a bumpy, not to mention unsanitary fall and several hours of rescue work, the poor creature was finally lifted from his dirty misery, heavily soiled, but unscathed, national broadcaster SVT reported.

Magnus Jonsson quickly realized that he was unable not save the bull on his own and called for the rescue service to arrive with an excavator.

"We put a pair of straps under his belly, one before the hind legs and one behind the forelegs. When all was connected, we simply lifted the bull, Jonsson said in his accolade to the rescuers. Internet is a nice bull, so he was quite cooperative," Jonsson added.

​Luckily for Internet, the well was only filled to one-third, which spared him a painful and humiliating death. The muck only reached to his belly, which also softly broke his fall.

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Five-year-old Internet emerged from his muddy adventure spry and completely unscathed.

"The first thing he had when he got up from the well was a meal," Magnus Jonsson said.

According to the farmer, such incidents are hard to prevent, as bulls are notorious for being obstinate.

"It is like this how you define 'bulls*it?'" Facebook user Greger Engström quipped.

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