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UNSC Unanimously Adopts Resolution to Impose New Sanctions on N Korea

© REUTERS / Brendan McDermidThe United Nations Security Council begins a meeting at the United Nations Headquarters in New York, U.S
The United Nations Security Council begins a meeting at the United Nations Headquarters in New York, U.S - Sputnik International
WASHINGTON (Sputnik) - The UN Security Council has unanimously voted on Friday in favor of the resolution to introduce new sanctions against North Korea for its continuing ballistic missile tests.

"The draft resolution received 15 votes in favor. The draft resolution shall have been adopted unanimously as the resolution 2397 of 2017," Japanese Ambassador to the United Nations Koro Bessho announced following the vote.

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The US-drafted resolution stipulates sanctions on North Korea’s oil dealings, which will be limited to 4 billion barrels per year, as well as restrictions targeting 95 percent of the country’s oil products.

Beginning on January 1, North Korea will be allowed to receive no more than 500,000 barrels of various oil products per year, including petroleum, diesel and kerosene as per the resolution. Oil product exporters dealing with North Korea will have to report on their deliveries to the UN Security Council.

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Moreover, the resolution commits the UN Security Council to reduce further petroleum exports to North Korea following another nuclear test or an intercontinental ballistic missile launch.

The resolution also stipulates the immediate expulsion of North Korean workers earning income abroad, but no later than by end of 2019, in order to diminish Pyongyang’s ability to receive money to finance its nuclear and ballistic missile programs.

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Moreover, the resolution calls for adding 16 individuals and one entity connected to the financing and development of North Korea’s nuclear and ballistic missile programs to the UN sanctions list.

Restrictions on North Korean exports of goods, machines and electrical equipment as well as transport vessels and raw materials, including wood and magnesium, are also called for by the resolution.

The resolution, however, does not target the Russian-North Korean railway project Rajin-Khasan, which includes the development of a port to export coal to third countries.

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Tensions on the Korean Peninsula have escalated this year as North Korea continues to conduct nuclear and ballistic missile tests in violation of UN Security Council resolutions.

North Korea has already faced a round of comprehensive sanctions in September, but Pyongyang has continued the development of its nuclear and ballistic missile programs.

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