Decapitated 'Corpse' Left at Amsterdam Mosque Sparks Twitter Storm

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Since the start of the refugee crisis, anti-Muslim sentiments in Europe have been on a continual rise, with far-right groups warning against Islamization and demanding that migrants return to their home countries.

Members of a right-wing group calling itself "Right in Resistance" (Rechts in Verzet) posted on their Twitter account images depicting a bloodstained, beheaded doll near an Amsterdam mosque with a fake head hanging on a rope and a bloody, decapitated "corpse" lying nearby.

A note left on the doll's chest warned against "Islamization" in the Netherlands and, according to, can be translated as follows:

"Islam is indivisible from brutal beheadings. Islamization must stop. No Diyanet mega mosque in Noord, with its links to dictator Erdogan."

WARNING: The following photos are graphic and can offend sensibilities

The mosque, named Emir Sultan Mosque and located in the north of Amsterdam, is primarily attended by Turkish migrants living in the area.

The Islamophobic move has deeply shocked the Muslim community in the country. Police have launched an inquiry into the case.

Talking to Dutch media, the Emir Sultan Islamic Foundation called the move a "cowardly and disgusting act".

"Of course we are shocked and condemn this cowardly attack, but we do not let ourselves be intimidated and played against each other," the statement said.

Social media users were quick to react to the news and shared their opinions on the issue on Twitter.

WARNING: The following photos are graphic and can offend sensibilities

Right-wing extremism has increasingly attracted attention in Western media over the last few years. EU countries are now facing a new kind of radical activity, stemming from the attempts of far-right groups to "get revenge" for terror attacks committed by Daesh, Al-Qaeda and other Islamist organizations.

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A human rights organization comprised of French Muslims called the Collective against Islamophobia in France (CCIF) said in an interview with Sputnik in summer 2017 that Muslims can't cope with all the cases of violence conducted by right-wing groups in response to Islamist terrorist attacks in Europe.

For instance, one of the incidents involving far-right activists occurred right after the 2015 terrorist attacks in Paris, when dozens of graffiti appeared on the walls of a mosque in Creteil depicting a blood-red cross, which ordinary Muslims perceived took as a threat to their security.

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