What's Next? Penises? German TV Invites Kids to Play With Breasts

© Photo : KiKA / German TV channel for kids has launched a controversial game
German TV channel for kids has launched a controversial game - Sputnik International
The controversial game has made headlines in German media and sparked intense debate among experts and social media users. The TV channel already caused criticism earlier this year, after it aired a program that seemed to implicitly support child marriage in Germany.

The German TV channel KIKA, whose target group is kids aged from three to 13, has launched a controversial memory game called "Breasts! Breasts! Breasts!" on its official website.

The picture puzzle, that is supposed to playfully inform minors about seven different forms of women's breasts, requires players to search for the identical pairs and match them together with the help of their memory.

The game has caused vivid discussion among the German public about whether it is suitable for small children to play.

"In accordance with our expert advisor Sabine Marx […] we consider this approach to be meaningful, because it shows playfully how different breasts look, implying that they are all normal," German newspaper Das Bild wrote.

At the same time, the head of the Berlin State Association, Zana Ramadani, expressed an opposite opinion.

"Femininity and female breasts have become here an object of fun. With such a game, boys and girls learn from an early age that the female body can be judged and stared at. Would those responsible actually make a penis memory game?," Ramadani was quoted by the newspaper as saying, adding that in times of a serious #MeToo debate on sexism a public broadcaster should think about its gender-related initiatives more carefully.

Social media users reacted to the game mostly with humor.

Then Kika could be renamed into Tits Channel…

Is there any indication of a coming release of the game Penis! Penis! Penis!…. due to equal rights and stuff….?

Is there a game available with different penises? If not, why not? A market lapse?

There speaks the businessman. Do not forget about asses!


However, some of them appeared rather worried.

With #kika it is getting increasingly worse.

Kika is a propaganda website.

This is not the first time when the German TV channel for kids KIKA sparked intense debate in social networks. In January, its program about a 16-year-old German girl, Malvina, who dates a Syrian Muslim migrant called Diaa (who appeared to be much older) caused sharp criticism among Internet users.

KIKA was particularly accused of implicitly "supporting child marriages in Germany" and promoting a romantic relationship that contradicts the Western understanding of equality and mutual respect, the Voice of Europe reported.

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