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Pyongyang Accuses Trump of Hindering Efforts to Mend Ties With South

Relations between North and South Koreas have surpassed a stumbling block, with the two countries having held a number of official meeting, following Kim Jong-un's order to restore a hotline between the two countries.

North Korea has accused US President Donald Trump of hindering efforts to mend ties with the South, following the latest Trump's speech Congress, a representative of North Korea's Ministry of Foreign Affairs told the Korean Central News Agency (KCNA) Sunday.

"This is nothing, but Donald Trump's squeal, who is scared by the might of the DPRK," the official said in what was the first comment by a country's representative since Trump's speech.

The official further continued by saying that Trump's statement was "an awful whim, aimed at hindering relations between the North and the South."

"If Trump doesn't put aside his anachronic and dogmatic way of thinking, this will lead to more risky consequences for the US security and future," the representative said.

During his speech to Congress on January 31, US President Donald Trump emphasized the US policy of a maximum pressure on North Korea in a move to denuclearize the Peninsula and praised a North Korean defector as Ji Seong-ho, who escaped from the country back in 2006.

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The situation on the Korean Peninsula had been escalating through 2017 amid a series of nuclear and missile tests performed by North Korea, with the UN Security Council adopting a number of sanctions against the Asian nation.

However, the crisis saw a thaw earlier this year, after North Korean leader Kim Jong-un had ordered to restore a hotline with the South prior to the upcoming Winter Olympics.

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The US and the DPRK and formally at war, as following the Korean War (1950-1953), the two countries only signed an armistice treaty. All attempts of Pyongyang to strike a peace deal has been denied by Washington that doesn't recognize North Korea as a state and has deployed more than 28,000 troops in the South in order to "deter" the North's threat.

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