Sharp Sensation: WATCH 'Salt Bae' Feeding David Beckham Meat From a Knife!

© Photo : Youtube / hunny raoFunny cook feeding David Beckham
Funny cook feeding David Beckham - Sputnik International
David Beckham has finally met the famous Turkish chef Nusret Gökçe, universally known on the Internet as Salt Bae, in his restaurant in New York. He came there to dine accompanied by his kids Romeo, Cruz and Harper and shared an incredible video shortly after.

In the video, which the 42-year-old former Manchester United star quickly uploaded on Twitter, Nusret, wearing his iconic round sunglasses, comes up to the Beckhams and slices a steak before sprinkling it with salt with his famous, now viral, gesture and feeding a piece of it to David from his knife.

Having helped himself to the meat delicacy, Beckham captioned the clip with words of deep gratitude, adding that he hoped to see Nusret again in Miami.

His 12 year-old son Cruz shortly joined in by posting a picture of himself and his sister Harper imitating Nusret’s artful salt-sprinkling gesture while standing next to the chef.

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David’s not the only Beckham to get in on the act, his elder son Brooklyn raved about his dinner on social media after visiting Salt Bae’s restaurant in January.

Nusret’s unique technique is the subject of a plethora of online memes:

The flamboyant chef made headlines last year when his theatrical salting technique went viral and earned him in hundreds of thousands of views overnight.

Nusret Gökçe - Sputnik International
Hot Turkish Butcher Becomes Internet Star for Elegantly Salting a Steak

On top of that, reports emerged that the owner of the Nurs-Et chain of Turkish steakhouses had launched an extensive PR campaign involving VIP persons worldwide having splashed out about $2 million on that.

Just one example was a visit by Hollywood icon Leonardo Di Caprio to Nusret’s restaurant in Dubai.


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