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'Do Not Judge Book by Its Cover': Meet the First Czech Barbie Doll (PHOTOS)

© Photo : Gabriella JirackovaCzech Barbie Lolo Ta Bella
Czech Barbie Lolo Ta Bella - Sputnik International
Gabriela Jirackova is the first "Czech Barbie," known as Lolo Ta Bella, who spends $1,400 a month on maintaining her doll-like appearance. She spoke with Sputnik in an interview about how she has fulfilled her dream.

Lolo Ta Bella has long blonde hair, pouty pink lips and a Barbie-like figure with long slender legs and huge breasts. It is almost unreal to the imagination to realize that this life sized doll is actually an 18 year-old young woman who has gone to extreme lengths to change her appearance.

“At first, I was inspired by the Pixee Fox doll. But that does not mean that I would like to look exactly like her. I never cared what people around think about me, so it was not difficult for me to decide on this,” Jirackova told Sputnik Czech.



Talking about the changes she made in her appearance, Barbie said that she did not feel afraid to make any of those changes.

Gabriela Jiračkova - Sputnik International
'I Don't Believe in a Natural Look': Czech Teenager Turns Into Real Barbie Doll
“I have a strong young body, which quickly regenerates and I always choose excellent specialists. I have never regretted anything and believe that I will not be sorry in the future. Every small change is one step closer toward my dream,” she said.

Talking about her life choice, Jirackova said that her family supports her and appreciates that she can make money while pursuing her dream.

She went on to say that people her age, her peers, tend to harm themselves way more than what she is doing because many of her peers drink, take drugs, and lead a promiscuous sex life and just waste away. 

“Each of us has a dream and goal. Yes, I am turning into a doll, I risk my body in a certain sense, but others jump from a springboard, but no one condemns them although they risk way more than I,” Jirackova said.

Talking about whether she knows anyone like her, the Czech Barbie said that she has met the Czech Ken, Robert Paulut, and sometimes she corresponds with Pixee Fox, Alicia Amira and others. 

“I'm familiar with the whole community of living Kens and Barbies and I can say that they are very nice and intelligent people. So it follows: Do not judge the book by its cover,” Jirackova added.

Barbie said that apart from her transforming into a doll she also makes money by singing and is preparing three new songs with video clips soon to be released.

“As for the changes, this year I plan to do rhinoplasty, radically change my teeth and some smaller, non-surgical interventions. I'm still on my way to my dream and this path will be long,” Barbie said.

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