Mysterious Suspected UFO Wreck Spotted Near Antarctica (VIDEO)

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A dedicated UFO hunter has spotted what appears to be a bizarre-looking shape of unclear and possibly extraterrestrial origin, located on a frozen island near Antarctica.

The author and owner of Secureteam10, one of the most popular UFO-related channels on Youtube, made a startling discovery while studying Google Earth images of South Georgia Island – a British Overseas Territory in the southern Atlantic.

Video footage posted by Secureteam10 on March 3 shows a large oblong shape encased in ice with an adjacent trail that looks like skid marks, almost as if the object crashed into the ground and slid across the surface.

"And it doesn’t look like your typical trail made by a snowball or just a piece of ice tumbling and rolling across the hillside. This trail here is extremely sharp and almost looks like it was created by something artificial, somethings flat; and almost as if you’d think of something that has wheels on it, or I guess you could think of a bobsled or it has metal sled bars on either side," the author commented when studying the image.

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A number of people commenting on the Youtube video have however expressed their doubts about the object’s alleged extraterrestrial nature, while one person who claimed to have been a former member of a scientific expedition to the island insisted that the item in question is merely the result of a glacial slide.

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