Italian Vote: Twitter Rips Samantha Power's Russiagate Post to Shreds

© Flickr / Andrew HeavensUS Permanent Representative to the United Nations Samantha Power
US Permanent Representative to the United Nations Samantha Power - Sputnik International
The former Irish-born US ambassador to the United Nations seems to seize every opportunity to cite the now common Western-devised conspiracy theory about the Russiagate – this time with regard to the Italian vote on Sunday.

In one of her recent Tweets, Samantha Power posted a link to some conspiracy-advocating news media outlet, which analyzed the most popular and widely shared posts on Italian social networks in the pre-election period.

Guess what did the article found, to Power’s utmost satisfaction? Sputnik and its relevant stories on Italian domestic policies and burning migrant issues, detailed by a string of Sputnik’s reputable speakers, have actually meddled in the Italian general election.  Absolutely ludicrous, isn’t it?

This is what Power actually wrote, word for word:

"Italy’s joins [sic] long list of elections influenced by Russia. Sputnik will do what Sputnik does. The question is: what are our democracies going to do about it? Will voters repudiate candidates who seek to benefit from Russian interference?"

But, thank God, the lion’s share of Twitter users proved to be about their wits indeed, judging by their reasonable comments. And it’s a yet greater pleasure to see what solid support they won in the comments:

"Please take your paranoid conspiracy theories away from my beloved country.

Theres no Russian meddling in our politics. There are lots of US, globalist finance and multinational corporation meddling though," Luigi Splenetico, apparently an Italian, commented.

Another user immediately backed the arguments:

"YES! The truth is spoken! The USA interferes not only in every other countries elections, we've killed leaders of countries to only then place in our own puppet. Well said!"

Other Twitterians weighed in:

"Just hang it up. Your BS lost in Syria, you lost in Crimea & you failed in your coup attempts against Maduro. You are a loser, just admit it and try your hand at something you have a clue about. Basket weaving perhaps?" one Internet user wrote in the comments.

Others ironically remarked that Power’s rhetoric would have been totally different were the Russians not to back conservative trends:

"Uhh, yeah…sure.

Russia has influence in every election?

I guess only when it comes to the idea that they are pushing for conservatives?

#LiberalNutters all over the world are yet again making more excuses for losing.

That women on the far left looks familiar…," Twitter user Gregg wrote.

Despite hordes of trolls rushing to post their anti-Russia "bedroom" comments, the grain of truth has been reiterated more than once: Italy and Russia have long been into close trade cooperation, and letting Italy down is the least Russia would want.

At least what Sputnik strives for is to give an objective account of where Europe currently stands and what needs to be addressed most urgently.

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