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Indian Man Reportedly Pours Acid on Wife for Giving Birth to Girl Instead of Boy

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Farah Biwi, 25, suffered serious burn injuries, after allegedly being attacked by her husband, 32-year-old Siraj Biwi for failing to give birth to a male heir.

A young woman from Moradabad, in the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh is being treated in the hospital after her husband allegedly threw acid in her face because she gave birth to a baby girl instead of the boy that he wanted.

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The attack on Farah Biwi, who has been left with terrifying burns all over her face, hands and stomach, was allegedly motivated by the fact that she “failed” to fulfill a dowry and produce a male heir.

"After the birth of the first girl only, my in-laws started to target me as if I deliberately delivered a baby girl. […] Under pressure from his family, my husband would ask me to get more money from my parents and give it to them. When I didn't oblige them, they started to beat me up. […] I was trying to live with the daily dose of torture, and thinking about the well-being of my daughters. […] But I could never imagine that he would go to the extent of pouring acid on me. I won't forgive him for this ever," Farah said, as cited by the Mirror.

The couple was married for eight years and had two children, both girls; the husband remains in hiding after he fled following the alleged attack.

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