Siri Co-Founder Says Apple's Too Ambitious, Cannot Reach Perfection

One of the masterminds of Siri, the voice-activated AI-assistant, Norman Winarsky, has criticized Apple, saying that he didn't think this is where his pet project would be at this point.

According to Winarsky, Siri was originally meant to be intelligent in two areas – travel and entertainment, and only and then "gradually extend to related areas" once it reached perfection in each.

"It would have a smaller remit, but it would learn it flawlessly, and then gradually extend to related areas. Apple launched Siri as an assistant that can help you in all areas of your life, a bigger challenge that will inevitably take longer to perfect. […] These are hard problems and when you're a company dealing with up to a billion people, the problems get harder yet. They're probably looking for a level of perfection they can't get," Winarsky told Quartz news outlet.

Back in 2011, Winarsky insisted he had no clue what Apple’s plans were in regard to his breakthrough technology, although he "believed that Apple would use Siri to start another revolution."

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He used to optimistically expect that Siri would learn more about its users over time and predict what they needed, but now he believes that Siri has fallen short of his predictions.

"Surprise and delight is kind of missing right now," Winarsky said.

Rivals such as Google Assistant have already outstripped Siri's ability to navigate travel and other logistics – one of the areas where Siri was supposed to take the lead.

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