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Assad Vows to Confront 'Western Scenarios' Targeting Unity, Sovereignty of Syria

© Sputnik / Mikhail Voskresenskiy / Go to the mediabankA view of Damascus. (File)
A view of Damascus. (File) - Sputnik International
Syria's president Bashar Assad has repeatedly accused the US-led coalition, which is fighting in the country without the UN mandate, of supporting terrorism.

"Our war on terrorism will not cease as long as there is one terrorist left. We will continue to confront the Western scenarios that target the unity and sovereignty of our country," Assad said as quoted in presidency's Telegram account.

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov noted Monday that Russia is concerned by the attempts to divide Syria, such fears are caused by the actions taken by the United States.

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"Of course, when we talk about the need to preserve the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Syria, it is a requirement not only of the international law in general, but specifically of resolution 2254, we cannot but observe with dismay the attempts to divide Syria. Such fears arise when you look at the plans that the United States is beginning to implement on the ground, primarily to the east of the Euphrates, on the vast territories between this river and Syria's borders with Iraq and Turkey," Lavrov added.

Syrian Army soldiers stand near the police headquarters in central Damascus, Syria October 11, 2017. - Sputnik International
Abu Kamal and Raqqa: Is the US-Led Coalition Colluding With Daesh in Syria?
In February, the pro-government Syrian militiamen have come under attack by the US-led coalition while they were conducting an operation against Daesh terrorists north of the city of Deir ez-Zor. Russian Defense Ministry noted that the attack on the militia showcased that the real goal behind Washington's "illegal military presence in Syria" is control over the country's economic assets rather than defeating the terrorist group Daesh. Russia's Foreign Ministry stressed that the US military presence in Syria presents a serious challenge to the peace process and thwarts the protection of the country's territorial integrity.

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The US military base near At Tanf also raises questions about the US genuine intentions. The military base, which was established without the government's permission by the US in April 2017 near the town of At Tanf on the Syria-Iraq border, has become a problem for Syrian forces fighting the Daesh terrorist group. The United States justified the setting up of a military base there in terms of the need to carry out operations against Daesh. However, since the establishment of the base, there have been no reports of American anti-terrorist operations, according to the Russian Defense Ministry. The ministry has repeatedly warned that refugees living in the Rukban camp were being used as a "human shield" for the US military base. In addition, the base has twice been used to strike Syrian government-aligned forces fighting Daesh militants.

This image posted online on Saturday, Dec. 10, 2016, by Daesh supporters on an anonymous photo sharing website, purports to show a gunman firing an anti-tank missile at Syrian troops north of Palmyra city, in Homs Provence, Syria - Sputnik International
US Army Equipment at Daesh Positions Prove Their Collusion – Syrian Ambassador
Since the beginning of the civil war in Syria the US and its allies has been supporting the Syrian opposition, urging Assad to step down as part of the crisis settlement. In spite of the fact that the US-led coalition's proclaimed goal is to combat terrorism in the country, it has been continually accused of backing Daesh in Syria, as numerous reports allege that the US has been rescuing terrorists from encirclements and hot zones as well as relocating them from Syria and Iraq, where the jihadists have been losing ground. Damascus states that US air power was used on numerous occasions to rescue terrorist leaders from their imminent destruction at the hands of the Syrian army and even to stage "accidental" attacks on Syrian forces as they advanced against the militants. The airstrikes conducted by the coalition in Syria are not authorized by the government of Syrian President Bashar Assad or the United Nations Security Council.

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