Get a Rabbit, They Said: Pet Bunny Wakes Its Owners at 6 AM

© Youtube / SputnikParanormal Activity: A Bunny From Hell
Paranormal Activity: A Bunny From Hell - Sputnik International
Watch the video of a tireless rabbit, rushing around his owners' room at six in the morning, why everyone is still fast asleep.

A hilarious moment was caught on camera in the English town of Ipswich, showing the two-year old rabbit Jeremy, running laps around the room at six a.m.

The rabbit's owners — Richard Thompson, 34, and his spouse, Kimberly Joanne, 27 couldn't even imagine being woken up by an alarm clock or the rays of the sun, let alone by their own fluffy family pet.

The video shows, how the little troublemaker runs over his owners' heads, bumping into another rabbit that is standing idly by watching the whole spectacle.


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