Alica Schmidt: Meet the Hottest Track and Field Athlete in the World (PHOTOS)

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Alica Schmidt - Sputnik International
Sports fans admire German track and field athlete Alica Schmidt not only for her outstanding professional skills, but also for her stunning beauty. The young woman who sends the pulses of her Instagram fans racing has been repeatedly called the sexiest athlete in the world by several Internet portals.

Usually, it can take athletes many years before they get an appropriate sponsor, as companies want to finance those who have already achieved great success.

But despite her young age, the 19-year-old Alica Schmidt has already signed contracts with giant firms such as Puma, which is a sign that she has a good chance for great success in big track and field events.

The young woman is one of the most talented 400-meter runners in Germany — she has already won several medals at major junior competitions.

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But Alica Schmidt is also popular for her stunning beauty. She has 159,000 Instagram followers who admire her outstanding looks.

"I started my Instagram account a few years ago but I didn't plan anything; the whole thing just came naturally," the athlete told Sputnik, commenting on her online popularity.

"I posted the photos myself. We were just on vacation and had fun taking these pictures," the young woman explained in an interview with RBB24 earlier, recalling holidays she spent with her boyfriend, canoeist Fredi Richter.

On the one hand, Schmidt confessed she enjoys the fact that her photos made her famous and have given her an opportunity to work as a model. On the other hand, she would rather have people admire her for her sporting skills.

"I would like to get more recognition for sports than for my looks," Schmidt told RBB24.

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At the same time, the athlete believes that sports are not a job that one can get by on for ages. The young woman thinks that the modeling job, her Instagram account and a university degree which she is starting in 2018 will improve her prospects for the future.

"I'm not only making a career in sports. I am also planning to have a voluntary social year in Potsdam and start my university study in October," the young woman said.

"Athletics can't keep you financially afloat, which is of course unfair, but I have to live with that," she concluded.

Alica Schmidt spends her free time mostly with friends. She is also fond of watching TV shows and traveling.

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