Mount Etna: Changes in Active Italian Volcano Need Careful Observation - Study

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Although researchers believe that there is no reason for immediate concern, there remains a need to observe unusual movement, according to a new study.

Mount Etna is "sliding towards the Mediterranean sea," vulcanologists claim, adding that they 'need to keep an eye on' the stratovolcano's gradual movement.

The study revealed that the volcano is closing in on the Mediterranean Sea at a rate of around 14mm per year.

According to forecasts, the changes do not pose an immediate threat, but have the potential to result in landslides, as well as negatively affect eruption forecasting.

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"I would say there is currently no cause for alarm, but it is something we need to keep an eye on, especially to see if there is an acceleration in this motion," Dr John Murray, one of the study authors, told the BBC.

Mount Etna is located on the Italian island of Sicily and is the most active volcano in Europe. Its last eruption occurred on March 17, 2017.

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