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Higinio Polo has for a long time predicted the current tension in international relations. He spoke about this, in particular, in his book “USA: The State-Offender” ('USA: el Estado delincuente'), which was published in 2004.

Higinio Polo wrote in his book that Washington "is developing a dangerous and aggressive foreign policy," whose goal is "to strengthen the new world dominance" that "jeopardizes peace on earth." To achieve its goals, the US is even ready to "violate international agreements" and "without considering the United Nations," while "assigning the privilege of judging the rest of the world in accordance with its own criteria and strategic decisions."

"Without a doubt, it can still be said that the United States behaves like a real criminal state," said Higinio Polo in a conversation with Sputnik Mundo, noting in this context "a whole series of wars, aggressive actions and attempts to destabilize the governments of different countries," which Washington started back in 2004, which is when Polo's book was published.

The wars in Syria, Libya and Yemen, destabilization in Venezuela, coups in Brazil and Ukraine, as well as threats to North Korea and tensions in the South China Sea are just a few examples cited by Polo.

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According to Polo, who also has a PhD in modern history with a degree from the University of Barcelona and is the author of numerous works and essays on political issues. The fall of the USSR, which led to the end of the bipolar world, was used by the US to occupy new niches in the world and ignite new wars and conflicts in different parts of the world, according to Polo.

"The bipolar world, characterized by the strategic dominance of the United States and the Soviet Union, was certainly not safe, but at the same time it was predictable," which, according to the expert, was largely guaranteed by the Anti-Ballistic Missile Treaty signed in 1972 between Moscow and Washington to prevent the proliferation of nuclear weapons, from which the United States withdrew unilaterally in 2002.

He recalled that the corresponding decision was made by George W. Bush, whose policy was continued by Barack Obama, who did not lift a finger to close the Guantanamo military base, although this was one of his campaign promises. In addition, the "secret CIA prisons in many European, African and Asian countries" have not been closed, but instead the attention focused on issues such as "supporting terrorist groups" operating in Syria. The same thing is currently being done by Donald Trump, whom Polo called a "grotesque character."

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However, the expert is convinced that "this unipolar world is in critical condition" and is even "dying."

"The recent strengthening of Russia, although it was long and difficult, and, above all, the development of China proves the fact that the world is no longer unipolar," the expert said. That is why the US "is puting its forces to the very borders" of Russia, trying to reduce it to a regional power, without real influence in the world.

The views and opinions expressed by Higinio Polo are those of the speaker and do not necessarily reflect Sputnik's position.

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