Two Cheetahs, One Human: Brave Man’s Unusual Sleeping Arrangements

This gives a whole new meaning to taking a “quick nap.”

Zoologist Dolph Volker has been volunteering at the Cheetah Experience breeding center in South Africa for nearly five years, but while most employees go home to cuddle with their significant others, Volker curls up with two cheetahs.

No pillow needed, Volker rests his head on Eden, a therapy cheetah that is not only cuddly, but also give out free baths as long as you don't mind a rough tongue! Faith, the smaller cat, suffers from spinal meningitis and has been around both Eden and Volker since she was eight months old. Despite Faith's condition, she has learned to lead a happy life with assistance from her devoted pals.

While many would consider Volker crazy for curling up with cheetahs, it's clear that the big cat lover wouldn't have it any other way!

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