How to Love the Bomb: Online Nuke Simulator Shows How WMDs Work

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Nuclear explosion - Sputnik International
A new online tool allows you to see what might happen if different types of nuclear bombs were dropped anywhere in the world, without the need to go and actually launch one.

The new service created by Outrider Foundation, an NGO that seeks to raise awareness about global issues like weapons of mass destruction and climate change, is essentially an interactive map which allows one to see what kind of devastation a nuclear detonation can wreak in an area of their choosing.

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Nuclear Bomb Interactive Simulator - Sputnik International
Nuclear Bomb Interactive Simulator

The users can also select different types of munitions to ‘deploy’ — ranging from a 15-kiloton bomb like the one dropped on Hiroshima in 1945 to the 50-megaton Tsar Bomba – the most powerful nuclear weapon ever created – and choose between surface blast and air burst.

"We live in a dangerous world. Nuclear weapons don’t make us safer, quite the opposite," Tara Drozdenko, managing director of the Outrider Foundation, told Gizmodo. "Understanding the dangers is the first step in making a change toward a safer future."

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