Meet Ukrainian 'Living Doll' Who Turns Herself Into Anime Characters (PHOTOS)

© Photo : Youtube/News 24/7 / Elara
Elara - Sputnik International
A young woman nicknamed Serenity Elara, who is a fan of the Japanese anime "Sailor Moon," reveals just how much effort she puts into looking exactly like her favorite cartoon character.

Serenity Elara, a Kiev resident fond of Japanese cartoons, spends about an hour per day to look exactly like her favorite hero Usagi Tsukino, Daily Mail reported.

"Usagi is the first character who inspired me to get into cosplay. Without this passion, my life would probably be empty and monotonous, like everyone else's," the young woman told the media outlet.

Not only does Elara put on a special bright make-up to look like her icon, she also dresses up like Usagi and designs all of her outfits by herself.

The young woman posts pictures on Instagram where she has some 2,200 followers.

Elara is a strong opponent of a plastic surgery and is confident that she will never undergo one.

"I do not want to turn into a girl with a plastic appearance, they think that it's beautiful but really not," the young woman concluded.

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