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World’s Space Leaders to Address Industry Issues at Annual Symposium in Colorado

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COLORADO SPRINGS (Sputnik) - Space leaders from across the world will gather this week in the US town of Colorado Springs to discuss the current space industry matters, as well as plans for the future at the 34th Space Symposium.

The four-day event will kick off on Monday with the opening presentation by US Vice President Mike Pence. Pence is expected to make some kind of announcement on space policy.

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The Space Foundation, sponsoring the symposium, expects more than 9,000 people from more than 40 countries including from Russia, the United States, Europe, China, France, Germany, Korea, and Japan to participate this year.

The Space Symposium will offer presentations and panels covering all aspects of space. Moreover, there will be special events and presentation of prestigious Space Foundation awards.

Heads of the world's space agencies, government officials, senior industry executives, and astronauts among others will take part in numerous discussions, panels, and exhibitions.

"The Symposium program delivers exclusive networking and engagement opportunities with influential participants in one convenient and extraordinary venue. Symposium luncheons and dinners provide additional contact with influential participants," the event's website said.

The symposium participants will have an opportunity to discuss various topics including space challenges and opportunities, exploration strategies, economics of deep space, international cooperation, cyber issues, latest technology trends, national infrastructure and security applications for weather and oceans, as well as industry perspectives.

"Another benefit of Space Symposium participation, is the opportunity to learn from prominent, world-renowned speakers," it added. "The Space Symposium is the stage for the most notable space leaders across the globe, and a tremendous amount of information will be shared through the many presentations and sessions."

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Russian delegation this year will be led by head of Russia's space corporation Roscosmos Igor Komarov, who will be joined by Executive Director for manned space flight programs at Roscosmos Sergey Krikalev.

On Wednesday, Komarov will address the symposium participants as a featured speaker.

On April 15, Krikalev will be a special guest at Yuri's Night, a celebration of Yuri Gagarin's first manned spaceflight and the first space shuttle flight. Other notable guests at the reception will include Former NASA Astronauts Lt. Col. Duane "Digger" Carey, Col. Mark C. Lee,Ronald M. Sega and Kathryn C. Thornton.

The participants of the Symposium will also be treated to more than 200 displays of the latest in space technology, products and services, with with 29 exhibitors from outside of the United States, including companies based in Austria, Belgium, Canada, France, Germany, Japan, Norway, Switzerland and the United Kingdom, according to the website.

The Space Symposium comes amid heightened tensions between Russia and the United States.

The heads of the factions in the Russian State Duma, parliament's lower house, together with speaker Vyacheslav Volodin introduced Friday a draft law on the potential response to US sanctions and anti-Russian policies.

The State Duma's Deputy Speaker Ivan Melnikov said that the draft law envisages the suspension of cooperation in the nuclear area, as well as areas of aircraft and rocket engine building.

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Earlier in April, Justin Tillman, the NASA Russia representative, said that the cooperation that Russia and the United States maintain on the exploration of space represents a successful model of collaboration that the countries could implement in other areas of bilateral ties.

At the same time, Anton Zhiganov, the executive director for business development and commercialization of Russia's Roscosmos state space corporation, have commended the business culture established between Russian and US companies.

The cooperation between countries is fruitful because there will never be a single leader in space, the Roscosmos' executive noted.

Despite the deterioration of relations between Moscow and Washington, space cooperation continues to flourish. In September, Roscosmos and NASA reached an agreement to build a gateway to future deep space missions in lunar orbit. The gateway's segment that Russia intends to build will serve as an exit for cosmonauts going on spacewalks.

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