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'US in Sicily Act Like Policemen, It Doesn’t Make Sense' – Italian Politician

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Residents of Naples protested against the visit of a US submarine and now Sicily is protesting the US military presence on it land. Sputnik spoke with Ciro Lomonte, secretary of the political movement Siciliani Liberi about the issue.

Sputnik: The base of Sigonella and MUOS play a certain role in the war in Syria. What do you think about what is happening, what do the Sicilians think?

Ciro Lomonte: Sicilians, in fact, are not free, because Rome's decisions are often directed against the very same Sicily. Now the international situation has changed dramatically, there used to be two blocks of superpowers in the world, and now everything is different, but the US continues to organize the world at its own discretion, and in the specific case of Sicily they behave like world policemen, interfering in regional conflicts

Sicilians do not like this because in 2018 this situation does not make any sense.

Russia in Sicily is seen as the mainstay of sovereignty of many nations, which, otherwise, would be crushed by the imposed globalization, killing the local identity. In addition, some US bases, for example, MUOS, are a threat to the health of Sicilians.

Sputnik: The US is using Sicily for military purposes; it is involved in a war in Syria, which in no way affects Sicilians?

Ciro Lomonte: Exactly so, today I signed a petition, which was supported by many Italians, so that Italy bans the deployment of military bases with nuclear weapons on its territory, which NATO and the US use as they please.

Sputnik: [Italian Foreign Minister Paolo] Gentiloni said that Italy does not observe neutrality in the Syrian conflict, but is an ally of the United States. Do you think that this position should be reconsidered, because the country neglects its own interests?

Ciro Lomonte: This situation is tragicomic. The EU forces us to move towards globalization and, in particular, to take into account the interests of the United States. The sanctions which were imposed against Russia have made Italy suffer. Our politicians represent interests’ that are alien to Italy.

I not only hope that the bases will be eliminated, but also that Sicilians, very independent people will be able to decide their own destiny again. We need to regain sovereignty; we do not want to be hostage of the interests of transnational companies and any countries.

The views and opinions expressed by Ciro Lomonte are those of the speaker and do not necessarily reflect those of Sputnik.

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