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Volgograd was built at the intersection of trade routes from north to south and from west to east. So it’s small wonder that the local cuisine incorporated dishes from all parts of the world. Today, the city’s restaurants uphold centuries-old traditions.

Average bill: PPPP

Cuisine: Asian/Korean

Tel.: +7 (995) 418 77 74

Open: 8 am-11 pm daily

Unlike most chain restaurants, Kuksi House Bar does not serve sushi, or pizza, or burgers: it offers only authentic Korean food, unique and flavorsome. There are no starters, main courses or desserts on the restaurant's Korean menu. All courses are accompanied by steamed rice. In Korea, rice is presoaked and cooked without the addition of herbs or spices. As it is impossible to grasp all the subtleties of the Korean cuisine in one go, the restaurant has adapted Asian dishes to European customs.

We recommend you start your meal with kuksi (guksu) or cold broth with noodles. It's perfect to satisfy a hungry football fan, considering that the dish weighs nearly two pounds. Those accustomed to lesser portions should order kuksi light. The bar serves six types of kuksi noodles.

Instead of mixed salads, Koreans eat banchan: a set of several small side dishes. For something more substantial, try pigodi (wang mandu): large steamed dumplings from starchy dough, filled with meat, cabbage and spices. Korean desserts are also pretty unusual. There are no animal-based dressing such as mayonnaise or yoghourt, but only plant-based ingredients: rice and olive or corn oil.

Like in Russia, tea is served at the end of a meal, only this is special Korean tea: boricha or barley tea. Kuksi House Bar sources barley from local farmers. Barley grains are roasted in a hot pan until they crack open. Roasted grains are brewed three times to give the drink a lighter color. The tea is served with honey.

The restaurant opens early in the morning. So you can drop in for a cup of coffee or breakfast. Korean beer and soju vodka will also be available during the World Cup. The original flavor will be accentuated by hot pepper, peas and other Korean snacks.

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