May 'Got Another Card Up Her Sleeve': UK MPs Plan to Block Brexit - Politician

© REUTERS / Peter NichollsEU and Union flags fly above Parliament Square during a Unite for Europe march, in central London, Britain
EU and Union flags fly above Parliament Square during a Unite for Europe march, in central London, Britain - Sputnik International
Prime Minister Theresa May’s Brexit plans face rejection by the UK parliament upper chamber, setting the stage for a confrontation with rebel lawmakers. Tory rebels could collapse the government if they vote against a Brexit deal negotiated with the EU, a leading rebel has said.

The EU Withdrawal Bill returns to the Lords and Commons this week, with further rebellions expected. Last week the government avoided a defeat on the bill after agreeing to hold further talks with rebels. Ministers are seeking approval for the final wording of the legislation that will end Britain’s membership of the European Union next year. Sputnik spoke to MEP Janice Atkinson about what this could mean for the future of Theresa May and the Brexit negotiations.

Sputnik: How damaging could this back and forth over the Brexit Bill be for the government?

British Prime Minister Theresa May (File) - Sputnik International
UK PM Theresa May Under Threat if Government Defeated in Brexit Vote
Janice Atkinson: I don’t think it’s damaging for the government. I think the Lords have started a collision course with the people and the House of Commons.

Even Labour MP Frank Field who I have a high regard for even though he is Labour has called for their absolution, he’s presenting a bill in parliament tomorrow because he is so angry that they are trying to thwart the will of the people.

Sputnik: Could we see negotiations with the European Union collapse if there is further rebellion?

Janice Atkinson: The European Union are just sitting back waiting for her to produce a paper that they can talk about, a blue print for Brexit. I understand Theresa May is going to Brussels at the end of the month to talk to Barnier and Co.

She hasn’t got a blue print, but I think she played a brilliant one at the weekend, she’s got another card up her sleeve, which could be very very strong and sends a message to Brussels and also her MP’s that she is using the so called Brexit Bonus to fund the NHS.

Sputnik: With all this fighting could we see a collapse of the UK government and another election before the negotiations with the EU are over?

A float depicts British Prime Minister Theresa May looking at her Brexit-baby during the traditional Rose Monday parade in Duesseldorf, Germany - Sputnik International
UKIP MEP on Brexit Future: 'One of the Biggest Betrayals' in UK History
Janice Atkinson: I don’t think so, I think these people will be frightened of being de-selected, and I’ve called for their de-selection. If the government did collapse like Dominic Grieve and the other traitors like Soubry and Morgan want to happen, then they will be de-selected by their local tory association.

They won’t be going back to the Commons and I’m sure they don’t want that. It’s a very stark message to these rebels, ok you collapse the government and the government could come back with a hung parliament or we could see the Marxist Jeremy Corbyn in government, is that what they really want.

The views and opinions expressed by Janice Atkinson are those of the speaker and do not necessarily reflect the position of Sputnik.

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