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Watchdog Slams US Migration Policy as 'State-Sponsored Trauma'

© AP Photo / Maximo MusielikA migrant father and child rest outside the El Chaparral port of entry building at the US-Mexico border in Tijuana, Mexico
A migrant father and child rest outside the El Chaparral port of entry building at the US-Mexico border in Tijuana, Mexico - Sputnik International
WASHINGTON (Sputnik) - The United States with its zero-tolerance policy inflicts state-sponsored trauma on a massive scale against vulnerable migrants fleeing to the United States to seek asylum, La Raza Centro Legal Executive Director Lydia Lopez told Sputnik.

"It's state-sponsored trauma inflicted on a massive scale, on the thousands, on the most vulnerable of asylum seeker populations," Lopez said on Tuesday.

She also said children from indigenous tribes, such as the Mayan from Guatemala, need more resources in these detention centers to understand what is happening to their families.

US - Mexican border - Sputnik International
Amnesty International Slams US Family Separation Policy as 'Torture'
In addition, Lopez added that the US government agencies that are supposed to help families claim the children are not always effective in reuniting the kids with any relatives for months.

Lopez said she worked directly with unaccompanied minors during the surges of 2015 and 2016. Children could not be located by their families for months, she said.

"The separation from a primary caregiver at certain ages when the child does not understand enough to process can have consequences that will follow that child for a very long time, and may affect their relationships and sense of trust in humanity going forward," Lopez said.

There is hope the mounting pressure and outrage against the administration’s zero-tolerance policy will force the executive office to reconsider its inhuman treatment of children and their parents, Lopez said.

US - Mexican border - Sputnik International
No Borders, No Country!: Trump Tweets Amid Migration Row
US President Donald Trump during a speech on Tuesday said he is going to amend his immigration policy after consultations with Congress because he does not want children taken away from their parents.

During the same speech, the president said he will ask congress for authority to freeze foreign aid from countries that allegedly "send" illegal immigrants to the United States. The US president also wants legal authority "to detain and remove illegal immigrant families all together and bring them back to their country."

Most of the migrants coming into the United States from Mexico are from El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras. Most of them are fleeing gang violence or persecution, according to Homeland Security data.

In April, US Attorney General Jeff Sessions unveiled a "zero tolerance" immigration policy that entails separating families. Adults crossing the border illegally are detained and children sent to facilities run by US Health and Human Services. Some 2,000 immigrant children were separated from their parents during a six-week period through the end of May.

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