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From Canadian Babe to Icelandic Beauties: Top 10 of Instagram Fitness Goddesses

© Photo : camillelbaz/instagramCamille Leblanc-Bazinet
Camille Leblanc-Bazinet - Sputnik International
With the hashtag #GirlsWhoLift trending on social media and numerous photos of six-packs abs, super-ripped arms and ultra-lean legs being posted, a British tabloid and a powerlifters’ web-site have teamed up to pick 10 babes who prove that strong is new sexy and occasionally make money promoting bodybuilding and cross-fit.

While more and more women switch to weight lift training and cross fit from yoga to get a super pumped body, the hashtag #GirlsWhoLift has emerged online and already has more than 22 million posts and photos on Instagram.

They are often guided and inspired by Instagram fitness stars and self-made bodybuilding pros, some of whom started as ordinary women with eating disorders and weight problems before becoming ultra-toned athletes. The Daily Star Online and bodybuilding expert Erny Peibst have picked the best fitness babes from around the world for their top-10 list.

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The team placed Aroosha Nekonam from Aberdeen, Scotland, first. The Persian/Scottish online trainer and bikini athlete with 32,000 online followers humbly describes herself as a “small town girl, who lifts.”

Her path to having a ripped body began with a struggle with anorexia.

Another athlete, who made it from zero to a toned hero, is 33-year-old Melissa Alcantara from the US, who once struggled with post-pregnancy weight, depression and occasional dieting; now she's an athlete and a certified coach; she's training Kim Kardashian and otherwise wowing half a million Instagram followers.

My training will be changing a bit from strictly Bodybuilding to more Strength and Conditioning. Still Bodybuilding but a few added things here and there to increase speed and endurance. Which means more weight, more jumping, more running (fml) but it also means more food 😆.: Watch my stories for my Daily Workout!: ✨Deadlifts✨ 7 sets of 5 reps (heavy) I did 225LBS The most important things to keep in mind when deadlifting is to keep your chest up, shoulders back and bar as close to your body as possible. *Superset* 10 high power jumps 1 minute rest btw sets: ✨Hip Trusts✨ 7 sets of 5 reps (heavy The most important things to keep in mind with the Hip Thrust is to look straight ahead, feet apart, 90 degrees at the knee, keep your chest engaged, move down slowly and power up in a scooping motion. You should be parallel to the ground at the top. *superset* 20 alternating high lunges jumps (fml) 1 min rest between sets: ✨Sled Pulls✨ 10 rounds push and pull (heavy) Important things to keep in mind while pushing keep arms straight and use the balls of your feet. While pulling stay low (booty down) pull from the bottom and keep your chest as high as you can.: This workout is f*cking insane if you want to really build strength power and size in your legs. Try at your own risk 😳. @roguefitness wrist straps @cliffordlenox lifitng belt @lelefashionboutique Outfit @thefamilyjewelryvault name plate necklace @bombshellbeads bracelets Fitgurl20 for 20 percent off!::: #workout @ig_fitnessfreak #weightloss #fit #bodybuilding @ig_leanmuscles #fitfam @bodybuildingcom #fitness #fitspo #inspire @gymbeaston #fitmom #mondaymotivation @_workouts_exercises__ #wod @aesthetic_chicks #dedication @exercisetip #motivation @exercises4abooty #legday #gains

Публикация от Melissa Alcantara (@fitgurlmel) 17 Июн 2018 в 4:06 PDT

24-year-old Lauren Fisher, a 6-time CrossFit Games Athlete, is another pick.

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Публикация от Lauren Fisher (@laurenfisher) 28 Июн 2018 в 6:15 PDT

Another top-10 athlete is a tattooed beauty Krissy Mae Cagney has not only built a lean body, but also fought an addiction.

This picture has nothing to do with the caption, I just like it. But I do feel it shows how far I’ve come from from the health video you saw in Feb. That was me at my weakest. This is me at my strongest. • It’s nuts how many of you are dealing w/ health problems. I’ve had more people reach out to me about getting sick than I have about getting sober. Asking how I stayed so strong through it. Wellll… I didn’t. You saw the video. I got real mentally weak before I found the strength. I went through hell. From all that weakness, came strength I didn’t know I had. • During that time of weakness when my body was failing me daily, I said things to the ppl I love that I’m still forgiving myself for. The other day, my dear friend @ihviiimattvincent said to me “Those of us with bigger light have darker dark. That’s how it goes”. Ain’t that the truth. He also told me he’s not afraid of the dark. • It got fkn dark, man. I freaked out. Got paranoid. Cried, yelled, broke down daily. I wasn’t myself. A few ppl in my life bailed & gave up on me between Oct-April. And maybe I deserved that, so I’m not mad at them. But the ones who matter didn’t. They let me go through the motions of being trapped in a broken body. They knew it wasn’t me. They stood in my dark corner, helping me through the crying, the outbursts, the chaos. THAT is how you get through illness. A support system of ppl who believe you’ll come out on the other side. You can’t do it alone. • I’m assuming you’ve noticed the shift in my posts over the last few months. Getting sick transcended me to a new level of myself. I feel for people more. I’m more in tune with myself. I’m more passionate in my work. It changed me. And I’m honestly really thankful it happened. And even happier I got to the root of the problem & I’m on the up-n-up. • Yesterday someone asked how to keep getting back up after being knocked down so many times. Here is what I have to say about that: the day will come where you literally can’t be knocked down by anything anymore. And that day finally came for me after a long, fkd up road. The day will come where you get to say, “I’m not getting knocked down again,” & then you won’t. Stay strong.❤️

Публикация от Krissy Mae Cagney (@krissymaecagney) 27 Июн 2018 в 8:11 PDT

I essentially gave up a few months back. Gave up on my health, body, mind, nutrition, training, & appearance. I stopped caring about myself. And then I beat myself to mental pulp for it. # I wouldn’t shower, wouldn’t eat, wouldn’t sleep. It led to losing my passion for things like food/fitness; things my brands are largely built upon. As you can imagine, this was highly problematic. I was too melancholy to walk into the gym I own. Like it actually broke my heart to be there since I was so out of commission, physically & mentally. # The only thing I was capable of for a bit was work; so that’s what I did as my initial approach to cope. I screen printed & I did a shit load of laptop work 7 days a week. Ohhhhh KMC, you know so much better (I’ve been through this with myself a few times). This wore me down. I started to mentally and physically actually crack. I found myself angry over my situation & condition, despite being so fucking happy. What a terrible place to be trapped. # So I fucking did something different. I made a change. I have slowly started to take my life back. # I deserve better than this from myself (you do to if you find yourself in this boat). Going into the wilderness last weekend forced me to self reflect. It gave me the necessary room & space to breath & think w/ Ben & our doggos. It allowed me to apply the things I’m constantly yelling at you guys to do. # I came back from that lake different… ready to take on the world. I feel at peace again. I have taken a step back from working 60-80 hours a week. I’m showering daily (wut?!). I bought a hair dryer (double wut?!). I bought new makeup. I’m getting dressed everyday opposed to wearing oversized sweats to hide my weight loss. I’m starting to feel like me again. And it feels fucking good, man. Maybe I’ll get back in the gym this week. Who knows. # And all of you have helped me start to feel like me again with all your rad comments, emails, messages, and more. Thanks for having my back. Thank you so much. # GO OUTSIDE IF YOU ARE SAD IT HELPS.

Публикация от Krissy Mae Cagney (@krissymaecagney) 28 Апр 2018 в 2:52 PDT

Montana-based fitness enthusiast Dana Linn Bailey, with almost 2 million followers, is another pick.

Brooke Ence with over 1 million followers has not only made her career as an athlete, she also took on the role of an Amazon female warrior in the movie Wonder Woman.

Scandinavian beauty Katrin Tanja Davidsdottir from Iceland can boast having been named Fittest Woman on Earth in 2015 and 2016 and maintains an impressive social media following.

Monkey biz on a tuesday 🤪🐾🐒💥

Публикация от Katrín Tanja Davíðsdóttir (@katrintanja) 19 Июн 2018 в 5:42 PDT

Another Scandinavian fitness babe on the list is Bjork Odinsdottir.

Squatting in the sun with @tinnaodins ☀️👌🏼

Публикация от ODINSDOTTIR 🇮🇸 (@bjorkodins) 1 Июн 2018 в 6:55 PDT

Former Big Brother star Christmas Abbott escaped an eating disorder and drugs and is now a proud mom who owns her own cross-fit studio.

Another 'Fittest Woman on Earth' on the list is Canada’s Camille Leblanc-Bazinet, who combines her passion for fitness with being a chemical engineer.

See ya soon regional 💕🔥 #6days #2018 @redbull

Публикация от Camille Leblanc-Bazinet (@camillelbaz) 11 Май 2018 в 6:01 PDT

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