WATCH Violent Broomstick Brawl Erupt in NY Beauty Salon Over 'F****d Up' Eyebrow

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A woman in a hair salon - Sputnik International
The conflict, which began between clients and the salon’s staff, resulted in an intense fight where a broomstick, bottles and other makeshift weapons were used. Two of them were later booked by police.

A video capturing a fierce brawl between New York beauty salon workers and customers has been published on Facebook by a witness. An employee of the salon New Red Apple Nails in Brooklyn is seen beating one of the clients with a broomstick, while her victim runs towards the exit, begging her to stop.

After driving the woman out, the employee and several of her colleagues switched their attention to another group of clients in the corner, with one of them screaming "That's my grandmother." The employee with the broomstick began to attack them with her "weapon" too, but wound up nearly losing it to her opponent.

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According to the description of the video, which has gathered 808,000 views so far, the fighting erupted after one of the employees "f****d up a lady's eyebrow" and she, in return, refused to pay for the poor service.

Police later arrived at the scene and booked Huiyue Zheng for assault and possession of a weapon, and Christina Thomas (a customer) for misdemeanor assault.

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