Brussels Making It 'as Difficult as Possible' for Britain to Leave EU - Analyst

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With Brexit negotiations continually stalling; a group of Conservative Brexiteers are rumored to be preparing a blueprint that will assuage fears of leaving the EU with no deal.

But has this scenario come about as a result of deliberate stalling tactics from Brussels or poor leadership from Theresa May? Sputnik has spoken with David Icke, a political commentator for more about the situation surrounding Brexit.

Sputnik: What are your views on Brexit overall and do you think that a no deal Brexit would be better than a soft Brexit?

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David Icke: Anything that allows unelected dark suit bureaucrats to dictate what happens in Britain, the British people, or any other country in Europe is absolutely to be challenged. We must have a Brexit that disconnects the power over the British public from Brussels bureaucrats.

If you look at a bit of history, the European Union has been in the making since at least the 1920’s and an aristocrat, called Count Richard von Coudenhove-Kalergi, who was funded by people such as Otto von Habsburg and the Wartburg banking dynasty. It’s been a vehicle planned all along to centralize power.

It’s a very simple equation. If you are a few and you want to control the many, you have to centralize decision making. The more you centralize, fewer and fewer people have power over the rest. That’s what the EU is about. That’s what the globalisation process is all about, and it’s all been planned for a long time.

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The last thing that the EU wants is anyone leaving the European Union. They want to encompass and ensnare more and more countries and not let anyone go. What we’re seeing now in the Brexit process is a collaboration, quite blatantly between the political class in Britain, left, right and center and a bureaucratic central control system in Brussels to make it as difficult as possible for Britain to leave, as per referendum, because they don’t want the threat of a good example.

All over Europe now we’re seeing more and more people with the rise of the populist parties who are saying, yeah, we are sick of the European Union as well, we’re sick of being dictated to by unelected people we cannot even name from Brussels and they absolutely don’t want a smooth Brexit; because that will encourage other people.

They want to make it as difficult as possible, and ideally have another referendum, which is their old technique. They’ve done it many, many times when they’ve lost referenda around Europe, so that the British people vote to stay in.

Sputnik: How do you feel about Theresa May’s handling of the Brexit negotiations?

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David Icke: Well, I think it’s pathetic. I, more and more, can see it being pathetic on purpose. What we needed was a leader who would take the Brexit mandate from the people, because it was very clear what they voted for. Not to continue with any control from Brussels, but to remove it and that leader should have stood up from the start and said this is what’s going to happen: we are leaving and we are not going to be controlled in any way, shape or form by you anymore.

That would’ve started a negotiation on the basis of the European Union and all its industry and all its corporate side of things realizing that if we don’t get a proper negotiation, which is good for both sides, then the corporate world of Europe, is going to lose the British market. And given that we pay much more into Europe than we get out, then it would be Europe that would be the loser.

Instead what we’ve had is a Theresa May, who has basically conceded at every point, with the British political class, a good chunk of her own party and a massive chunk of the Labour Party and the other parties pressing her because they don’t want Brexit, that’s the whole point.

They say that they want a soft Brexit, not a hard Brexit, but they want no Brexit. That’s the truth, what we’re seeing is Theresa May not having the backbone and probably even the will to do what is necessary to give the British public what we voted for.

Views and opinions expressed in this article are those of David Icke and do not necessarily reflect those of Sputnik.

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