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US Man Charged After Yelling Racial Slurs, Attacking Workers (VIDEO)

© Screenshot/Albert TufillaroOregon man arrested after yelling racial slurs and attacking workers
Oregon man arrested after yelling racial slurs and attacking workers - Sputnik International
After spending two weeks looking for a man wanted in a racial intimidation case, Oregon's Springfield Police Department was handed a success story after one of its officers was able to track down the offender.

The investigation was initially launched in late July after Springfield police were notified of an incident in which a man pushing a stroller suddenly began to yell and accost a group of three men in a truck who'd just wrapped up their roofing work for the day. According to police, the suspect, identified by officials as Sean Ryan Felger, began to aggressively attack the men after their trailer got stuck, blocking the sidewalk, bike lane and part of the traffic lane.

Although one of the workers had pulled out his phone to record the trailer snafu in order to explain to his boss what happened, he ultimately ended up recording their altercation with Felger. The footage begins by showing a portion of the truck before their aggressor pops up, parking the stroller carrying his 2-year-old daughter on the sidewalk.

​"When I tell you to move your f**king truck, you f**king move your truck," Felger yells before violently shoving one of the workers trying to explain the problem. "You created this; you made my f**king daughter go on Main Street, b*tch."

"I will f**k you up. F**k you. You're a f**king piece of s**t beaner. Go back to f**king Mexico, b*tch," he continues.

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Felger later returns to the stroller and storms off. The recording cuts off as the workers are heard urging one another to call the police.

Calling on the help of the public, police opted to release still images of Felger from the recording last week. Officer Justin Swint was able to identify Felger after getting tipped off to his Facebook account. The 30-year-old Springfield resident was later arrested outside of his home by Swint on Saturday, August 11, according to police.

Authorities have since indicated that Felger shaved off his hair and beard in "an effort to disguise his appearance following media attention to the case depicting his image." Felger has been charged with intimidation, harassment and disorderly conduct.

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