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Trump Lawyer Challenges ‘Blowhard’ Ex-CIA Director to Legal Battle

© AP Photo / J. Scott Applewhite / CIA Director nominee John Brennan testifies on Capitol Hill in Washington. File photo
CIA Director nominee John Brennan testifies on Capitol Hill in Washington. File photo - Sputnik International
Former New York City mayor and attorney to US President Donald Trump Rudy Giuliani taunted former CIA Director John Brennan to sue Trump on Monday, saying Brennan was just a “blowhard” if he didn’t.

Brennan's access to classified national security information was cut off last week when Trump revoked his security clearance. The former intelligence official responded with threats to sue Trump.

Former CIA Director John Brennan is sworn-in on CapitolHill in Washington, Tuesday, May 23, 2017, prior to testifying before the House Intelligence Committee Russia Investigation Task Force - Sputnik International
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On Sunday, Brennan clarified the status of his pending legal action, telling Chuck Todd on NBC's "Meet The Press," "Well, I have been contacted by a number of lawyers, and they have already given me their thoughts about the basis for a complaint, an injunction, to try to prevent him from doing this in the future. If my clearance, my reputation as I'm being pulled through the mud now — if that's the price we're going to pay to prevent Donald Trump from doing this against other people, to me it's a small price to pay. So I am going to do whatever I can, personally, to try to prevent these abuses in the future, and if it means going to court, I will do that."

Trump and Giuliani did not take long to fire back at Brennan, who was head of the Central Intelligence Agency from 2013 to 2017.

​Shortly after Brennan's appearance on "Meet the Press," Giuliani went on Fox News' "Sunday Morning Futures" with Maria Bartiromo to engage in his own feud with the former spy chief.

"Brennan accused him [Trump] of treason… he basically says he has no evidence the president committed a crime… but he says the president committed treason. This is an out of control political hack," Giuliani said.

"What I didn't realize until all this evidence started to come in is: This is all being orchestrated by John Brennan. He's the one, ultimately… when the Steele dossier is worth nothing, when none of it proves to be true, when none of it is verified. As even [Former FBI Director James] Comey said, none of it was verified. They used it as the basis to get wiretaps. He peddles the report to Harry Reid [leader of the Senate Democrats from 2005 to 2017]. In a total set up, he goes to Reid and says, ‘Here's the report.' They all go through it. If you read it, believe me Maria, you'll immediately come to the conclusion that it's way-out crazy."

"It's almost written like the threat letters that you get."

CIA Director nominee John Brennan testifies on Capitol Hill in Washington. File photo - Sputnik International
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Continuing, Giuliani explained, "[Brennan] gives it to Reid. And Reid then composes a letter to Comey,and tells Comey he has to investigate, but doesn't really base it on the dossier. Comey knows the dossier is phony." At this point, Bartiromo affirmed the statements, saying, "Right."

"Comey starts the investigation; you know, Mueller takes over," Giuliani continued, referring to the former FBI director and the current special counsel.

"So what are you going to do now if John Brennan sues you, sues the president? That's what he said on ‘Meet The Press' this morning, that he's going to come up with a legal pushback for losing the security clearance. And he says that he wants to make sure nobody else loses the security clearance," Bartiromo said.

After laughing once during Bartiromo's question, then clapping in amusement, Giuliani responded: "Then we take his deposition, right away. As the plaintiff, he'd have to go first. I'd volunteer to do that case for the president. I'd love to have Brennan under oath for, oh, I don't know [how long] — two, three days? We'll find out about Brennan. We'll find out what a terrible job he did, going back to being head of mission when the Khobar Towers was bombed and our Marines were killed. Or we can see what he said and did about Benghazi, how many he lies he told about that."

"My payment for this investigation and my representation of the president is to get to depose John Brennan, one of the biggest frauds in the history of this country," Giuliani exclaimed.

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