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Russian Specialists Studying Documents on US Laboratory in Georgia - Russian MoD

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Early reports stated that a number of countries, including Russia, suspected that a laboratory in the Georgian capital may harbor a secret military biological weapons program run by the US military and private contractors.

Russia's Ministry of Defense has analyzed documents connected to the US military's biological program, released by a former Georgian cabinet minister Igor Giorgadze; the results are slated to be published in due time.

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"Presently, all documents published on the website of former Georgian (State Security) Minister Igor Giorgadze are being examined by specialists from the Russian Ministry of Defense. The results of the analysis will be revealed to Russia and the global community," the statement of the Ministry of Defense reads.

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According to the Ministry, the documents contain some signs pointing to serious violations of the international convention against bioweaponry.

The Lugar Center was opened in 2011 and has received the attention of both journalists and intelligence agencies, including Russia's FSB, which suspects that the lab has been involved in bioweapons research.

Dilyana Gaytandzhieva, a Bulgarian investigative journalist who has written extensively on the Pentagon's alleged secret bioweapons program, believes the Lugar Center is a component of this program.

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