UK Journo Faces Death Threats Over French Rapper's 'Kill White Babies' Video

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Nick Conrad - Pendez les blancs - Sputnik International
YouTube has pulled the plug on a highly controversial music video by Nick Conrad, a French rapper from a Cameroonian background, over lyrics talking about murdering white babies and hanging their parents.

A BBC Radio Norfolk breakfast show presenter has received death threats. His only crime? Having the same name as Nick Conrad, the rapper whose violence and racism-filled music video "Pendez Le Blancs" ("Hang the Whites") has drawn fury from French society, politicians and human rights activists and led to an inquiry by the Paris prosecutor's office.

The BBC's Mr. Conrad was forced to report the threats, which included a message saying "You're going to die," to police. He has been joking with his trolls, however, asking one: "Before you draw the knife of pull the trigger (which I don't condone), just check you get the right Nick Conrad. I'm the fatter and more talented one."

"I just saw all these messages popping up on my phone in French," Conrad said of his unenviable situation. "A French friend rang me and said have you seen all these comments online? I'd never heard of [the French Nick Conrad] before."

The local BBC morning show presenter said that he naturally has "total condemnation" for the rapper's lyrics, calling them "downright abhorrent."

"People have taken to the likes of Twitter to vent their frustrations and fury at Mr. Conrad, and rather than directing it at him, I'm getting it and I'm getting it both barrels," the British Conrad complained.

Joking about the unfortunate situation he has found himself in, the BBC's Conrad quipped about being "very grateful for the English Channel separating me from all these people who wanted to do some ghastly things to me."

One of the trolls attacking him later apologized for his mistake.

The British Conrad's Twitter was flooded with messages of support.

YouTube has pulled the French rapper's video, explaining that the video was "removed for violating YouTube's policy on hate speech." The video contained what can only be described as racist lyrics inciting the murder of white people, along with graphic images of hanging, kidnapping and gun violence.

The rapper has been defiant, however, telling French media the video was "a mirror, a response to the injustices inflicted on my community since slavery" and claiming he had been "inspired" by his "personal experience."

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