Trump Slammed for Responding to Clinton, Obama Bomb Scare With Three Word Tweet

© AP Photo / Andrew HarnikPresident Donald Trump
President Donald Trump - Sputnik International
The US Secret Service intercepted suspicious packages addressed to a Clinton residence in New York State and the home of former President Barack Obama on Tuesday and Wednesday morning.

President Donald Trump tweeted his endorsement of Vice President Mike Pence's comment regarding the bomb scare, tweeting "I agree wholeheartedly!" to Pence's statement.

Earlier, Pence voiced his condemnation of the "cowardly" and "despicable" actions of those who sent the suspicious packages, tweeting that he was grateful to the Secret Service, which provides protection for former presidents and their families, and to local law enforcement, for intercepting the suspected explosive devices. "Those responsible will be brought to justice," Pence vowed.

Trump's brevity prompted a critical reaction from some of his Twitter followers, with users complaining that the president spent more characters attacking former porn star Stormy Daniels than the bomb scare, or urging him to be "more presidential" and to come up with a more thorough and thought-out statement.

Others claimed Trump had stoked the divisiveness which led to the packages being sent in the first place.

In addition to the suspicious packages sent to the Clintons and the Obamas, CNN's New York offices were targeted Wednesday morning, with a suspicious bomb-like device found in the building's mail room. The package was addressed to CNN contributor and former CIA director John Brennan, an outspoken Trump critic. Earlier this week, New York police defused an explosive device installed on the mailbox at the Westchester County, New York home of billionaire George Soros.

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