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Book on Ancient India's Contribution to Science & Tech to Soon Hit the Stands

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The compilation of a book titled "Bharat Vaibhav" being published by the Indian Council of Historical Research (ICHR) is being personally monitored by Junior Minister for Human Resource Development Satya Pal Singh, who was recently in the news for rubbishing Darwin’s Theory of Evolution.

Designed to target a new generation of readers, a book compiling India's ancient history and contributions to the world is soon to hit the stands. Published under the auspices of India's apex body of historical research, the book has been named "Bharat Vaibhav," meaning "Indian glory" in Hindi. 

The Economic Times recently reported that Bharat Vaibhav will look to plug the "gaps" that may have occurred in previous writings about the history of India. Human Resource Development Minister Satya Pal Singh will be closely monitoring the compilation.

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"The minister, who has often courted controversy for his views, including recently for questioning Darwin's theory, is also likely to pen down his own thoughts in the book. The book aims making the new generation aware of ancient Indian culture and the ‘Bhartiya' dimension to science, technology, sports, mathematics, arts, the social status of women and so on," The Economic Times report read.

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The report also quoted ICHR member Secretary Rajaneesh Kumar Shukla citing some examples of information that Bharat Vaibhav will highlight. 

"There are so many examples of innovations that ancient Indians have developed that are still in use. For instance, India's pioneering role in discovering plastic surgery methods, little-known facts like that Indians had done work in aeronautical engineering and developed aircraft prototypes before the West and the Wright brothers, these will be in the book," Rajneesh Shukla said.

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It will also look at the "Indian view" of things and explain especially to the new generation the context of things like how the Mohenjodaro/Harappa civilization is better referred to as Saraswat/Sapt Sindhu civilization, how there was a cultural basis to the findings of eminent Indian scientists like J.C. Bose and Har Gobind Khorana in genetics, as India was already attuned to the genes-based gotra system. C.V. Raman's findings are in tune with the Indian worldview, where the Sun is depicted riding a seven-horsed carriage representing the seven colors. Even the blackhole concept finds mentions in Vedic literature, Shukla added. 

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The book is expected to be completed by November and will have 18 chapters with content written by well-known scholars. The ruling BJP party has termed the initiative as a much-needed one.  

"The contribution of India in all fields of arts and science is well known but not well documented. This project which will be out in all major languages of India will help the people at large to comprehend the importance of ancient Indian contribution to the world with supporting facts and figures," Dr. Shiv Shakti Bakshi, national head of the Literature and Publication department of the BJP party, told Sputnik.

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