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German SPD Leader: State of German Government is Not Acceptable

© Sputnik/ M.Joppa SPD-Parteitag in Bonn
SPD-Parteitag in Bonn - Sputnik International
German Social Democratic Party (SPD) leader Andrea Maria Nahles stated that the party may reconsider whether to remain in its coalition with Merkel's CDU.

SPD leader Andrea Maria Nahles announced that she would discuss a roadmap to measure the progress of the coalition with the SPD’s secretary general, Yasmin Fahimi on Monday. She accused the "federal politic" of a major role in SPD’s defeat in Hesse parliament polls, saying she would propose drawing up a "clear and binding" roadmap for the government.

"We could then gauge the implementation of this roadmap at the agreed mid-term review when we would be able to clearly see if this government is the right place for us," Nahles told reporters.

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The SPD leader said she did not want to "leave our fate to our coalition partners" and wait until the government finds a "sensible" working mode.

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Nahles' statement comes amid the exit poll results in Hessen, which show that the SPD could possibly lose up to 11 percent of the vote, coming third at 19.9%. The party also lost a significant amount of voters in the regional elections in Bavaria in October, managing to attract only 9.7%, while in 2013 it had 20.6%.

At the same time, Angela Merkel's Christian Democratic Union (CDU) came first in Hessen, despite experiencing a similar decline — according to polls, the party garnered only 28%, dropping from 38.3% in 2013.

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