Journalist on Social Media Bans: Upcoming Midterms Is Primary Reason for Purge

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Some of the social networks banned Proud Boys organization accounts. Sputnik spoke about it to Chadwick Moore, a journalist, public speaker, conservative political commentator, and cultural critic, who is also the former Editor-at-Large of OUT magazine and The Advocate, and contributor to Playboy, the New York Post, and the New York Times.

Sputnik: Do you think that the Facebook and Instagram ban on all "proud boys" groups and personal accounts was well thought-out?

Chadwick Moore: At this point, Facebook and other tech monopolies simply do not care if their actions targeting one side of the political spectrum are well-considered or not. These are politically-biased monopolies that we have allowed to control speech and public discourse in our society. This evil is one of our own making. We trusted these companies too readily and that is coming home to roost now. These companies have learned all-too-well there will be no consequences for their actions. The ban goes beyond Proud Boy groups and accounts. I received a 30-day ban on Facebook merely for talking about the ban.

I posted, "Within a couple hours yesterday Facebook permanently deleted hundreds of accounts of Proud Boys. Without explanation. If I'm next, I want you all to know it's been my pleasure and honor to serve you." Within hours, Facebook told me that post was a violation of their mysterious Community Standards and I've been banned for 30 days. Users are now banned for talking about the ban. This is peak absurdity. They are consumed by their political bias and are brazenly meddling in the upcoming midterm elections, and they are so powerful and arrogant they're actually flaunting it. They don't care anymore.

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Sputnik: How could the "proud boys" respond to this social network ban?

Chadwick Moore: The Proud Boys aren't going anywhere. As someone who spent time on some of their Facebook pages, it was the only entertaining thing on the entire site. I really only went on Facebook to look at some of their pages, they were hilarious and entertaining. I never once saw anything racist or whatever. That's all fake news. The Proud Boys will move on to private groups elsewhere on the Internet, which they should have done all along. If anyone can lead the charge to starve Facebook of conservative and libertarian users, it should be them.

Sputnik: What are the reasons behind the recent purges of right-wing activists and news sources? Could these censorship activities be connected with the upcoming midterm election? Who do you think is behind this campaign?

Chadwick Moore: The upcoming midterms is the primary reason for the purge. I think the problem is most likely three-tiered. The business side of these monopolies worries that content from edgy, anti-establishment users may get out of hand and frighten advertisers. The leadership, just like in the traditional media, is all in bed with the Democrat Party. They are, like CNN, becoming and extension of the Democrat Party. And finally, the rank-and-file are all brainwashed lefties who are completely detached from reality and believe conspiracy theories that there are Nazis around every corner in America. These are people who've never met a conservative in their life and have no clue what conservatives, and President Trump, believe in. I don't think it's a grand conspiracy, but I think all these factors come into play.

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Sputnik: How could alternative social platforms compete with tech giants, especially after the Gab investigation?

Chadwick Moore: Alternative social platforms cannot compete if they aren't allowed onto the App Store or Google Play. It's that simple. That was the end of Gab right there, when Apple and Google colluded to ban Gab from their stores. So when intellectually lazy libertarians and Democrats say, "start your own social media platform," well, we've been trying to! But that now requires you must also start your own Apple, and make your own iPhones. It's impossible.

The social network Minds is gaining some traction and I hope they continually make the site better. It's the perfect alternative to Facebook, and more than half the country is desperate to leave Facebook, which will probably not be around in five or ten years anyway, except as firm continually selling repackaged user data to the Chinese, or something. But everyone wants off Facebook, everyone knows they're evil.

Sputnik: What impact will this ban have on "proud boys" and their political activity?

Chadwick Moore: The truth is, the Proud Boys aren't a political group. They're not activists in the usual sense. And they are not centralized. They're a loosely organized fraternity, basically a drinking club, of like-minded, Conservative and Libertarian men. There are thousands of members. I'm sure there are a couple of them who are bad dudes, but all the Proud Boys I've met are normal, friendly, guys.

The establishment hates them, and must constantly slander them as "racist" or whatever because they're fearless, they fight back, and they make Trump supporters look cool. Time and time again has proved that when Silicon Valley sends the gestapo after certain targets, those targets grow in popularity and gain sympathy from the public. I've heard since the left amped up its attacks on the Proud Boys earlier this year, their requests for membership have skyrocketed, with some chapters reporting numbers up 1000%.

The views expressed in this article are those of the speaker, and do not necessarily reflect those of Sputnik.

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