Low Blow: Huge Toilet Python Bites Thai Man’s Penis (VIDEO)

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The hapless victim of the surprise snake bite to the groin ended up being treated at a local hospital; the snake was eventually dislodged from its hiding place in the toilet’s bowels and whisked away to be released into the wild.

A 45-year old Thai man named Tersdak Kaewpangpan got an unpleasant surprise early on November 8 while visiting a toilet at his office, when a huge python suddenly emerged from the plumbing and bit him right in the genitals.

"I was about get up from the toilet. Then I felt a bite. I immediately knew it was a snake. I stood up, squeezed the python’s head [and] ripped it off of me. The blood was everywhere," he said in an interview with Amarin TV.

After his neighbour helped drive him to the hospital, Tersdak ended receiving 15 stitches in the tip of his penis, while rescue workers managed to extract the snake from its hiding place and drag it into the street, where the reptile was stuffed into a sack and driven away to be released into the wild.

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